Thursday, November 18, 2010

Senator Kyl Nukes Obama's Push For US-Russia START Treaty

Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) just did his part to torpedo not only President Obama; but, also the President's efforts to "re-start" relations with Russia; whilst he simultaneously extended the ridiculous period during which America's National Security has been utterly left to chance.


Well, instead of ratifying the new START Treaty (which returns American investigators to live/work 'on the ground' & observe/report on the numerous Russian nuclear sites), Senator Kyl (who only recently spoke on the urgency of the Treaty's renewal) now says that he and fellow GOP Senators will be serving the myopic goals of the GOP (trying to make Obama a one-term President), instead of serving the National Security of America.

Yep, the Senate's GOP members are just gonna twiddle their thumbs (just to thumb their noses at the President) until next year.

They're just going to keep on ignoring the screaming elephant in the room...

That postponing the vote on the Treaty (until its approval will be virtually impossible to get, at that) only does one thing: It only extends and increases the already serious risk that terrorists could acquire Russian-made nuclear materials.

Gee, thanks, Jon! :P

Here's a link to The Washington Post's article:

Kyl statement deals serious setback...

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