Friday, November 12, 2010

Minnesota Morning: A Cornfield... A Combine... And... A Bear?

*Please Note:  This one doesn't have a "Happy Ending"... at least, not for the bear.

Farmers operating a combine in a MN corn-field accidentally ran over a 300+ lb. black bear.

Authorities in MN say that bear sightings are rare this time of year, as bears are typically in hibernation.

Which begs the question:  Why was this one in the cornfield?

Also:  Why didn't the bear hear the combine approaching and run to safety?
(I've heard that they can run pretty fast.)

Perhaps it was already dead.  Was it sick?  Had it been shot by a hunter and died there?

As for the farmers...

One was quoted as saying:
"... Never had bear before, so I guess we'll see what it tastes like."

*Hmm... Well, I'm fairly sure that bears haven't had you before either, sir, so...

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