Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Personal Extraordinary Experience On The Day Prince Died

Here's a short and sweet story about a very recent extraordinary personal experience...

Two days ago, I was out walking around the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco.  I had a few errands to run and had brought Tyler the Pup with me.  I'd awoken early (for me) that morning and had decided to do some grocery shopping which, potentially, could entail walking/skateboarding/riding the bus to four different markets... ones which weren't close to each other (It did).

(@ 10 am) The first store I went to was on Haight Street.  I'd bought some amazingly sweet organic strawberries there at an equally amazing price recently, twice.  Unfortunately, when i got there, the price had gone up thirty cents and - although they were California strawberries - they were from a producer I didn't care for.

So, onward (sans strawberries)...

As I walked to the second market (several blocks away), I began to try to sing along with a song that was playing in my head.  I say "try" because I hadn't heard the song in a long time and was unsure about the order of some of the lyrics.  I went in the second store to pick up a couple salads they usually have prepared. Unfortunately, although they did have many salads on the salad bar, they didn't have the ones that I like.

So, onward...
... about seven more blocks to - then - wait for (ever!) to catch the MUNI...

The whole time Tyler and I are making our way to the MUNI stop, inside my head - as loud and clear as if she were standing there, right in front of me - Sinead O'Connor was still crooning "Nothing Compares 2 U" in her beautiful, melodic, tortured way.  I could even see her - in my mind's eye - just as she looked in her video.  I was pleased to find that I was having a fair amount of success getting the lyrics in their proper order - even if I couldn't match Sinead note-for-note.

This is what I saw in My Mind's Eye...


To make a long-enough story a little shorter, the MUNI (finally!) arrived and Tyler The Pup and I went to the other two markets and found some of what I had intended to pick up.

And, through each and every moment,  for the entire time - from the moment it had started back on Haight Street - Sinead O'Connor and I were singing our hauntingly mournful song about utterly grief-stricken, heart and soul-crushing loss.

And, for the remainder of the day, Sinead and I sang that song.  Mostly often as a duet but, at times, Sinead would sing it solo (inside my head, of course) if other people were around.

We sang it as I made my way from one stop to the next and as I took care of my errands and - especially - to block out the murderously inane muzak that businesses seem to like to assault people's ears with once inside their doors.

She sang as we arrived back at home and as I cooked dinner for Tyler The Pup and for myself.  I didn't mind at all.  I'd always loved that song - every note, every word and Sinead's every exquisitely-nuanced performance of it.  I swear, from the first time i'd heard it, it touched a Sacred part of my Soul.  And, honestly, I think it touched a Sacred part of every Soul who ever had the honor of hearing it.

At around 9:00 pm, I'd gotten both of our dinners finished.  I gave Tyler The Pup his and sat down in front of my laptop.  I was running late for my favorite (and only) radio show: Fade To Black with Jimmy Church!

I brought up the show's website and the player came to life.  I glanced at the description and couldn't believe what I didn't want to be seeing:

"Tonight On FADE TO BLACK with Jimmy Church:  In Memory Of Prince...".

Immediately, I tried to lie to myself, "No!  It's 'Prince Charles' who died... Please. Please. Please!  I mean, seriously, I'd be totally okay with that.  Because, if it wasn't Prince Charles, then, I so didn't want to know!  My eyes went back and read the screen again.  No!  It couldn't be Him!  No!  Not PRINCE!

It took me a few moments...  And, then, I realized, Whoa!

THAT'S Why Sinead O'Connor's rendition of 'Nothing Compares 2 U' Was In My Head All Day.

At some deep, unconscious level - perhaps at that Sacred place in my Soul - I'd already picked up on that His Royal Badness, our gifted, gorgeous, genius Prince was gone... and (with Sinead's powerful performance of one of the songs Prince, himself, had penned) I'd already been remembering and mourning him.

There was never and will never be another like Him.  Rock In Peace, Brother!

Click on the link below to see what AWESOME looks like: 

Prince's Full Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show 2007

Tom DeLonge's New Sekret Machines Project Takes a Serious Look at UFOs. - LA Weekly

"In early 2015, he (Tom DeLonge) gave a Paper Magazine interview... holding forth on Area 51, government mind control and forbidden engineering."

What happened to DeLonge afterwards reminded me of a quote from nuclear physicist, UFOlogist and author Stanton T. Friedman concerning UFO/UAP phenomena debunkers:

"If you can't attack the data, attack the person - it's easier."

And true to form, in the wake of that interview, a variety of media outlets have openly questioned DeLonge's sanity!

"DeLonge explains that UFOlogy is a "nonlinear topic" that includes physics and the sciences, as well as geopolitics, religion and cosmology. "Researching just one branch can take up several years of your life," he says."

Here's another (favorite) quote that comes to mind in this situation:

"Great Spirits are often met with violent opposition from mediocre minds." - Albert Einstein


Tom DeLonge's New Sekret Machines Project Takes a Serious Look at UFOs
By  Nicholas Pell

Photo by Johnny Buzzerio

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Paul Schrade (RFK Friend & Ambassador Hotel Shooting Victim/Eyewitness) Speaks On Behalf Of Sirhan Sirhan At Parole Hearing

THIS... is a Remarkable Event!

Before today, I'd never known that five other people were shot during the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in the lobby of the Ambassador Hotel
(It happened before I was born and only R.F.K. was mentioned in school).

Even so, having done my own research, I'd already figured out that Sirhan Sirhan did not shoot Robert F. Kennedy.

I'm not a R.F.K. 'conspiracy theorist'. It's all simple logic:
Fact:  Sirhan Sirhan was standing before and facing Senator Kennedy, about 2-3 feet away from him.
Fact: The bullets that struck and killed the Senator left powder burns on the back of his neck, proving that the actual assassin's gun's muzzle was at point-blank range and behind Senator Kennedy.
So, although, Fact: Sirhan Sirhan did shoot five people on that horrible day.Fact: Senator Robert F. Kennedy was not one of them.

There's a plethora of additional evidence to support this conclusion (please see the article linked below).   Yet, somehow, none of it was mentioned - let alone entered into evidence - at Sirhan Sirhan's trial.

The Result?  The authorities had a nice, tidy, open-and-shut, we-caught-the-bad-guy, wrap-it-with-a-bow case.  

Another Result:  After spending nearly 50 years in prison, the Parole Commission is still expecting Sirhan Sirhan to show great remorse for something that he didn't do (and, apparently, still doesn't remember).
MK-Ultra, Much?(And, before you scoff, please, do some research.)

At the very least, Sirhan Sirhan was a pawn, a diversionary tactic, a patsy and - most importantly - a convenient scapegoat.

At worst - and very likely - he was yet another victim of covert government/military experimentation.

God knows, he wouldn't be the first.  Nor is he the last.

Here's another tidbit I learned:  There's an audio recording from the Ambassador Hotel lobby on that day that proves a total of thirteen gunshots rang out.

Wait for it...
Sirhan Sirhan's gun only held a maximum of 
eight bullets.

And, he didn't reload.

(*and, have fun if you decide to go exploring that Rabbit Hole!)

1968: Paul Schrade On The Floor Of The Ambassador Hotel After He Was Shot.
Photo Credit: Bill Epprige

2016: Paul Schrade, now 91, At Sirhan Sirhan's February Parole Hearing.

(*The following excerpt is from: the amazing and vast digital archives at

Paul Schrade at Sirhan Sirhan Parole Hearing

"Sirhan Sirhan, the alleged killer of Robert Kennedy, was denied parole again at a hearing this past February. Over 70 years old now, Sirhan has seen many parole hearings come and go.
What made this one unusual was the presence of Paul Schrade, 91 years old, who in 1968 was labor chairman of RFK's aborted presidential campaign, and a good friend of Senator Kennedy. Schrade was also one of the victims of the shooting in the pantry at the Ambassador Hotel.
But Schrade was not there in the typical role of a victim at a convicted killer's parole hearing. Instead, Schrade used the hearing as a forum to challenge the court's verdict in the case against Sirhan, to lay out facts which contradict it, and even to apologize to the man who remains in prison for a crime he claims he cannot remember.
The entire dramatic hearing is captured in a 212-page transcript, now available online here at MFF (Mary Ferrell Foundation) courtesy of author, filmmaker, and advocate Shane O'Sullivan. Paul Schrade himself also sent us a copy of the transcript."

(*Continue Reading This Remarkable & Under-reported News Story, Here: Paul Schrade at Sirhan Sirhan Parole Hearing.)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

9/11: A 'Conspiracy' Theory In Less Than 5 Minutes

Please Watch & Share!

One of the best (if not "The Best") brief (yet thorough) accounts of the events on 9/11/01.*
(*It's under 5 minutes in length.)

And, please don't be put off by their choice of the word "Conspiracy" in the title, as there have been countless "conspiracies" throughout history - a great many of which turned out to be TRUE - and, a large percentage of those were perpetrated by your Uncle Sam!


Thursday, April 07, 2016

(It's More Than Just) The "Mandela Effect" - The Matrix, For Real (podcast)

Have You Found Any Inconsistencies In:

"... the spelling of childhood products; dead celebrities that are now alive; missing continents; alternate history and then some.

For example, do you remember the books titled “The Berenstein Bears"?  Me too…but apparently it’s always been Berenstain Bears".

How about the color of the rain jacket worn by Carmen Sandiego?  Everyone I know remembers it as being yellow, but apparently it’s always been red.

Do you remember Betty White dying? She’s still alive.

The deeper you dig, the stranger it gets.

But perhaps you remember things as they are.

Perhaps this is a conspiracy.  Perhaps not.  Theories run wild with this one.  Could this be the Butterfly Effect in real life?

An alternate history caused by time travel?  Proof of parallel worlds or a parallel universe?  A Multiverse?