Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday, December 08, 2016

I Don't Think They Heard Me: The Less-Than-Helpful Reply From the F.C.C.

Question:  Are YOU willing to trust your health and well-being (and that of all of your loved ones) to an over-whelmed, understaffed and (IMHO) far too WiFi Industry-cozy federal agency ("Trust us, we're with the government.") ?

(Please note:  I'd contacted the F.C.C. (please see previous blog post) out of concern regarding a real public health hazard:  I'd felt my shoulder being burned by a retail, wall-mounted, WiFi booster antenna at a local shopping mall - not to complain about any "provider".)

F.Y.I. ~ The F.C.C.'s own website claims that public, wireless, network antennas don't emit the type of extremely high R.F. (Radio Frequency aka "microwave") radiation that can damage human flesh. 

In the wake of my recent experience, I beg to differ.

*The Wireless Industry's sole motivation is the raking in of Profit.

*My sole motivation has always been and continues to be Public Safety.)

Here's the REPLY that I received from the F.C.C.:

"Thank you for sharing your story. Your Ticket No. is 1324555.

Your story will not be served on a provider but will be shared internally to inform policy and potential enforcement. You will not receive any further communication from the FCC. 

If you want to file an informal complaint that will be served on your provider, please go to and select a complaint category.

Your story provides the FCC with important information we can use to develop policies to protect consumers, remedy violations of the Communications Act, and encourage future compliance with the law.

Thank you for your help in furthering the FCC’s mission on behalf of consumers."


If I won't "... receive any further communication from the FCC. ", then how will I know if this information ever reached the appropriate persons/parties at the agency?