Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Got Global Warming/Climate Change? (Hint: Think "Superstorm Sandy")

Got Global Warming/Global Climate Change?  - No?
Well, O.K..  Then, how 'bout - Now?

For The Pro-Extinction (as long as it's profitable) few still clinging to what is either: A.) An utterly irrational, Or B.) A 'greed-over-green' rejection of the globally-acknowledged, decades-of-scientific-research-based FACT that is 'Human-Caused Global Warming/Climate Change' (That white-knuckled, rigor mortis-like grip of theirs is so cute!)...

I offer the undeniable, irrefutable evidence that is Hurricane Sandy (aka "The Frankenstorm") (aka "The Perfect Storm").

If you share in that particular core-belief held by Mitt Romney and his fellow Republicans about the federal government being too "nanny-like"; about large - yet vital - federal agencies such as FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) being overdue for huge budget cuts; about how the states should shoulder the majority of control over and responsibility for what happens within their borders...

... I humbly encourage you to share those beliefs with any of the Governors, Mayors and residents of the cities and states who - in the aftermath of Sandy - are facing an unknown number of days without electricity; widespread flood-damage; a small fraction of functional transportation system; downed trees; downed power-lines; wayward, damaged and/or totaled automobiles; heavily-burdened first-responders; etc.  (*Reminder: Get those earthquake/emergency/disaster survival kits together - Now!) Of course, those in charge are already working out the details of a variety of plans/projects and will - hopefully - soon initiate those complex, extensive and expensive clean-ups, repairs, construction projects whilst also figuring out who - exactly - is going to foot the bills for all of the above.  In addition, they must do this whilst keeping the real threat of inevitable "super-storms" yet to be in mind... spurring research and development of newly-informed, storm-ready changes to traditional - and now outdated/problematic - practices (such as relocating back-up generators from what are now recognized as flood-vulnerable basements) and all other challenges yet to face them in the wide and destructive wake of Hurricane Sandy.

*Sandy may have been the first such Super-Storm... but, she's definitely not the last.

Kill The Oil-Addiction - Now.  (Before it kills us.)

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Sandy Ends Campaigns. Guess Who's Final Ohio Ad Wins "The Truth Be Damned" Award? (Again.)

Hurricane/post-tropical storm Sandy (don't let the name fool you. it's still packing a punch) is currently battering vast areas of the Atlantic Coast with high winds, heavy rains, storm surges, flooding, an estimated 2-ft. of snow (in W.VA) and is guaranteed to be accompanied by numerous power-outages.

So, naturally,  President Obama has numerous Presidential and Public Safety-related duties to carry-out and, therefore, has cancelled all of his remaining scheduled campaign events.
(Mitt Romney has ended his campaign, too.)

Election Day is next Tuesday (Hurray! Finally.) and in the battleground/swing-state of Ohio, both President Obama's and Mitt Romney's campaigns have released their final TV ads for the 2012 election.

Guess which campaign's ad wins the un-coveted and, yet, well deserved heading: "The Truth Be Damned."?  (Hint: It's not the first time they've "won".)

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Tina Fey's Response To GOP Rape/Abortion Rhetoric (and mine, too.)

OK... OK...  I can't take this anymore!!!

Perhaps you've seen the recently broadcast video segment from a debate in which Senate wanna-be (and yet another rape/pregnancy-proof male) Richard Mourdock (R. IN) blathered on about his view that a pregnancy that results from a rape must be "God's Will"?
It was the last straw.
Well, it was My Last Straw.

So, I now offer my own personal rebuke - to the whack-a-mole musings of Mourdock; the GOP twits who spewed similar bull-pucky before him; the GOP twits whom have yet to spew...

"If men could get pregnant - abortion would be a sacrament!"  *And, needless to say, rape a capital crime.

Whew! Glad to get that off my chest.

Now... enjoy Tina Fey's response to the latest G(onaded) O(ld) P(aleface) attack on women/women's health/women's rights:

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Wake Up! Today's GOP's Goal Is "...The Talibanization Of American Policy."

What Do The Following All Have In Common:
Richard Mourdock; Mitt Romney; Paul Ryan; Todd Akin; GOP-led states and GOP Congressional Representatives?

The answer should be as obvious as the nose on your face.

Still, if it's not...

Then, you'll find it here, in the wise words of NOW President Terry O'Neil:

“It’s the creeping Talibanization of American policy.  It is deeply, deeply dangerous for women.”

And, a clear and present danger leveled at every American. Especially those of us whom recognize this simple fact: All of our cherished and hard-won freedoms must be protected from every threat that aims to destroy them...

Regardless of whether the threat originates from within... or without.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Romney Disdain For Foreign Policy Risks Bush-Level Disasters

GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt "No Apologies" Romney is not only frightfully ignorant about the most urgent and pressing geopolitical issues facing America presently, but he also lacks the most basic awareness of the geographical locations of specific countries which he repeatedly refers to in his appearances.  More than that... neither Romney nor his campaign have ever acknowledged or offered to correct any of these 'mistakes'.  Nor do they display any negligible interest in not repeating the same ones or preventing new and easily avoidable ones (Hint: Try 'Google Maps').

The repetitiveness and consistency of their carelessness is a huge, flashing neon warning sign to all Americans that Romney and his staff lack the most basic interest in possessing or even developing the skills required to effectively - let alone successfully - carry out the utterly crucial "Commander-In-Chief" role of a President Of The United States Of America.

And, yes, candidate Romney has brought in numerous expert 'advisers' to fall back on.

F.Y.I. ~ Most of the very same 'advisers' were holding identical positions a mere four years ago - as advisers to the former and similarly foreign policy-disdainful President George W. Bush.

Hmm... Surely you all remember how spectacularly their particular brand of "expert advice" to that President turned out...

(*If anyone needs a gentle reminder and/or example: We're now in year 12 of one of the two grueling and multi-billion dollar wars President Bush started solely on the advice of these men.)

Please consider the very real economic and military implications of all of this before you cast your vote for President this year... 

As painful, nauseating and terrifying as that might be.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Much Like The Truth - The Facts Are Out There. Just Don't Bother Looking In Mitt Romney's Campaign

Publicly, Mitt Romney, his wannabe-wonk and the whole Romney campaign are utterly unapologetic about their open-hostility towards the theory and practice of  'Fact-Checking'.

Especially 'Fact-Checking' done on any of their own statements/claims/accusations/political ads.

They also have a well-documented, acute aversion to Telling The Truth - whether it be about themselves or about others.

It would behoove all of us if our consumer-protecting tradition and practice of "Truth in Advertising" were to be extended so as to include politics.  And with significant fines levied against the worst and repeat offenders.


Because - The Truth Matters - Even in Politics.  Especially in Politics.

A catchy little vid from Actually.org...

"Mr. Romney:  Let's play "Two Truths and A Lie!".   "Noooo! You're doing it wrong!!" :P

Friday, October 19, 2012

Romney Tells $50K/Plate Audience In FL: Pres. Campaign Would Be Easier If He Were Latino. Hey! Dude With The Boehner Fake Bake...

... Also overheard in that stellar and spectacularly stealthy "47%" video from Florida?

GOP Candidate Mitt Romney joking to his $50,000/ a plate audience that he'd have a better chance at becoming CEO of the U.S.A. if he were Latino.

Um... Yeah, riiight.

From Actually.org:
The delightful Rosie Perez explains why Romney's bizarre, embarrassingly unnatural Jon Boehner-esque spray tan is not the only reason he's lost the Latino vote...

Mitt Romney Isn't Just Pro-Life. He Firmly Believes Life Begins At Incorporation.

Etch-A-Sketchy Candidate Mitt Romney is unshakable in his faith...
His faith that "Life Begins at Incorporation".

From Actually.org
(*Please check 'em out.) Truth Matters = They Rock.

For both your viewing pleasure and hungry mind...
May I present this quick, witty video in which Sarah Silverman and Lizz Winstead discuss "people".

Or, as they're better known by Mitt Romney: “corporations” and "banks".

Fraud And Deception Raise Red Flags Just Weeks Prior To Election

The Republican Party (and conservatives, in general) find themselves  on the wrong side of the demographics of this country and on the wrong side of the issues...
So - What's a bunch of excruciatingly-sore losers to do?

Whaddya think?...
They Cheat.

The Grand Ol' Party has been working overtime to develop effective ways of cheating their seat on the wrong side of reality at the state level by implementing pointless and partisan-based voter ID laws, cutting early voting - in historically Democratic counties, voter suppression, voter intimidation, voter misinformation, etc.

And, even in cases when a judge has overruled their shameful shenanigans it's been revealed that, in numerous instances, these GOP-led states still don't bother to change relevant - and now incorrect - information on their websites offering voter information, remove taxpayer-financed billboards with incorrect information or overt threats (usually placed in minority and/or poorer neighborhoods).

Such behavior- by government officials/"public servants", no less - is not only shameful, disgusting and un-American... it's participants should be actively prosecuted.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Congressman Scott DesJarlais (R.TN) Is Pro-Life*. *Except When His Adultery Results In A Pregnancy...

Republican Congressman Scott DesJarlais (TN) has been and continues to declare himself utterly pro-life and a staunch opponent of abortion*.

*Except when the pregnant woman involved is a former patient of Dr. DesJarlais with whom he had an illicit, extramarital affair, which resulted in the woman becoming pregnant and when her making the choice to have the baby would threaten Congressman DesJarlais's marriage and endanger the likelihood of his being able to hold onto his Congressional seat.

Believe it or not, Congressman DesJarlais recorded a telephone conversation with the "other woman" in which he encouraged her to terminate the pregnancy.

*What's really surprising is that this Republican Congressman's illicit affair wasn't with another man...

From The Colbert Report:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

GOP Job Creators: "Vote For Romney... Or You're Fired."

Announcement made by various Republican-Supporting 'Job Creators' to their employees:  "Vote For Romney - Or You're Fired."

From Murray Energy (Ohio) to employees:

"Dear Employee: We have invested our full support behind Mitt Romney for President.  And, as your employer, we think that you should vote for him, too... because, if Barack Obama gets re-elected and my corporate and/or personal income taxes get increased, I'll have no choice but to start firing employees." (sic)

I kid you not.  This is for real.

In another case,  it was discovered that supervisory workers employed at Suarez (Ohio) each "happened" to donate anywhere from $5,000 (individuals) up to $20,000 (couples) to either Josh Mandel's (R. OH, trying to unseat Sherrod Brown) or Jim Renacci's (R.OH) campaigns and they refused to talk about it.  Note: These aren't wealthy people.

Thankfully, the FBI is investigating.

And - under pressure - the two candidates returned the money.

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