Sunday, October 14, 2012

GOP Job Creators: "Vote For Romney... Or You're Fired."

Announcement made by various Republican-Supporting 'Job Creators' to their employees:  "Vote For Romney - Or You're Fired."

From Murray Energy (Ohio) to employees:

"Dear Employee: We have invested our full support behind Mitt Romney for President.  And, as your employer, we think that you should vote for him, too... because, if Barack Obama gets re-elected and my corporate and/or personal income taxes get increased, I'll have no choice but to start firing employees." (sic)

I kid you not.  This is for real.

In another case,  it was discovered that supervisory workers employed at Suarez (Ohio) each "happened" to donate anywhere from $5,000 (individuals) up to $20,000 (couples) to either Josh Mandel's (R. OH, trying to unseat Sherrod Brown) or Jim Renacci's (R.OH) campaigns and they refused to talk about it.  Note: These aren't wealthy people.

Thankfully, the FBI is investigating.

And - under pressure - the two candidates returned the money.

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