Friday, October 19, 2012

Fraud And Deception Raise Red Flags Just Weeks Prior To Election

The Republican Party (and conservatives, in general) find themselves  on the wrong side of the demographics of this country and on the wrong side of the issues...
So - What's a bunch of excruciatingly-sore losers to do?

Whaddya think?...
They Cheat.

The Grand Ol' Party has been working overtime to develop effective ways of cheating their seat on the wrong side of reality at the state level by implementing pointless and partisan-based voter ID laws, cutting early voting - in historically Democratic counties, voter suppression, voter intimidation, voter misinformation, etc.

And, even in cases when a judge has overruled their shameful shenanigans it's been revealed that, in numerous instances, these GOP-led states still don't bother to change relevant - and now incorrect - information on their websites offering voter information, remove taxpayer-financed billboards with incorrect information or overt threats (usually placed in minority and/or poorer neighborhoods).

Such behavior- by government officials/"public servants", no less - is not only shameful, disgusting and un-American... it's participants should be actively prosecuted.

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