Saturday, June 02, 2012

Boehner Exhorts For "Jobs!" From Pulpit. House GOP Pushes For... You Guessed It: "Abortion"

House Speaker (and textbook failure) John Boehner ranted and railed during a closed House GOP-members only meeting on Thursday about (you guessed it): "Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!", during which he exhorted that creating jobs for out-of-work Americans is every Congressional Republicans' #1 Priority. He told his minions that they must pass job-creating bills/legislation.

So (of course), immediately following Boehner's fiery, four-letter-word-sprinkled "We are all about Jobs!" sermon, those same-House Republicans hurriedly-lollygagged back to work so that they could put their collective laser-focus on what always has been and still is every House Republican's 1st Order Of Business: "Banning Abortion".

(*If you guessed "Jobs" - :(- you haven't been paying attention.)

Yep, immediately after Boehner's big (and-not-so-secret) secret "Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!, Now!" meeting - House Republicans' unanimous First Order Of Business was (drum roll. please)...

Fast-tracking and voting (unsuccessfully) on yet another Republican-sponsored bill ban a woman's right to reproductive choice/abortion.

*If you guessed "abortion", you get a *Star*!
(Hurray, I got a *Star*!)

... like I said, "Textbook Failure".
From last night's The Rachel Maddow Show:

Montana On The Verge Of Saving US Democracy From SCOTUS' "Citizens' United" Decision

Still Got Hope...

There's been a modern-day David Vs Goliath legal battle going on in the Great State of Montana.

It's an inspirational example of one American who's standing-up to the big, bad, well-financed bully... and he's making a difference.

Not only that ~ this American's courtroom-wrangling has led to the appearance of a number brilliant rays of Hope appearing out yonder in the vast, toxic, noxious wasteland that is unfettered, untraceable corporate political-influence and corruption which has been like a festering abscess on our democratic political process since the SCOTUS's much-reviled "citizens' united" decision.

Montana's Attorney General, Steve Bullock: I Salute You!

(*All you other 49 states' attorneys-general: Please pay close attention. And, take detailed notes, too.)

Surrender Is Not An Option. (*Yee-Haw!)

From last night's The Rachel Maddow Show: