Friday, January 15, 2016


"The Truth‬ Has Never Been More Out There...
Fox’s upcoming and eagerly awaited revival of The X-Files is updating its conspiracy theories — only this time, the sci-fi series might cause more controversy than when the show told tales of government-aided UFO cover-ups during its initial 1990's run.
In the first return episode - screened for reporters (trailer below) - paranormal investigators Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) team up with a charming web-series host named Tad O’Malley (played by the usually comedic Joel McHale, here, in a dramatic role).
The character, loosely based on conservative online personalities Alex Jones and Glenn Beck, bashes the “liberal media” in the episode:

At one point, Mulder compares O’Malley to Fox News host Bill O’Reilly:

“What Bill O’Reilly knows about the truth can fill an eyedropper,” O’Malley retorts"


THE NEW X-FILES | Official Trailer "Spooky" Mulder, Scully & Conspiracies - Oh My!

The Truth Has Never Been More Out There!

"Trust No One."*

(*Exception: Trust Me.)

Especially when I say:

This Show Is Not As Fictional As Many Of You Might Believe.
It Never Has Been.

This I Know For A Fact.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Well, Duh! Weapons Industry Enthused Over Global Turmoil

Money Can't Buy You LOVE...

But, It CAN Buy You $ Billions $ In High-Tech Weapons Of Mass (and Remote) Destruction!
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Weapons Industry Revenue Forecaster Enthuses Over Global Turmoil
(from @Truthdig)

"Contrary to expectations that revenues would fall as the U.S. downsized its military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, the professional services firm Deloitte gushes in a new report that “the resurgence of global security threats” promises a lucrative “rebound” in military spending."
- 2016/01/11

Monday, January 11, 2016

Open Your Eyes: The Great Forgetting (from @Truthdig) Don't Look Away!

The "Silent".

If you're a Doctor Who fan, you're familiar with villains known as "The Silence" and the group of member-priests, known as "The Silents",
 who used post-hypnotic suggestion to manipulate other species into doing their bidding.  One of the greatest challenges to taking on the Silence was that all memories of any encounters with the Silents would be instantaneously erased from one's memory as soon as an individual's gaze moved away from them...


"Trump and Clinton, along with fellow candidate Bernie Sanders, refuse to admit what they (and quite a few of us) know:

Our most basic civil and political rights have been taken from us, the corporate oligarchy will remain entrenched in power no matter who wins the presidency, and elections are a carnival act.

The downward spiral of lost jobs and declining incomes, of shredded civil liberties, of endless war, is unstoppable as long as we use the traditional mechanisms of reform, including elections, to try to cope with the existential threat we face.

A VOTE FOR CLINTON, in essence, IS A VOTE FOR TRUMP or someone as bad as Trump.

Right-wing populism, here and in Europe, is not the product of an individual but the disenfranchisement, rage and despair stemming from the damage caused by (Surprise! Er, not.) Globalization.

And, until we wrest back control of OUR Destiny by BREAKING CORPORATE POWER, demagogues like Trump, and his repugnant doppelgangers in Europe, will proliferate."

(Excerpted from:)

The Great Forgetting (from @Truthdig):

"America’s refusal to fund and sustain its intellectual and cultural heritage has come with an enormous cost. We are now paying the bill."  - 2016/01/10

Europe Planning A Lunar Base By 2030. (Got Priorities?)

"The final words that Gene Cernan spoke before stepping on to the tiny craft that would ("allegedly") carry him back to Earth are simple and sobering:

'We leave as we came and, God willing, as we shall return with peace and hope for all mankind.'"

That was in 1972. That’s more than 40 years ago. (Again, "allegedly") We haven’t been back."

And, now, THIS...
(Cue Ominous Music)
Europe Planning to Establish Lunar Base by 2030*

*So much for the National Parks' (& other delicate natural places') advice of: 

"Take Only Pictures.  Leave Only Footprints."

Here's a Question: "Who's going to win the Lunar Landfill Contract?"
Or, will they  follow that Old Standard practiced on Mother Earth:
"Outta Sight, Outta Mind.", and just jettison their (countless tons 'o) junk into SPACE?

Also, consider how many Billions of Dollars/GBP such an endeavor will cost.  

Meanwhile...  Back here on Planet Earth:

Thousands of children are suffering from starvation; in need of medical care; without safe, non-war zone places to live; haven't safe drinking water or adequate education, etc..  And, there's so much toxic & lethal (and nuclear) waste scattered about the globe because "modern man" has been and STILL Is treating the Earth and her oceans like their own individual and collective "Magical" Bottomless Garbage Can...

But... Hey, Don't Be A 'Buzz-Kill'!

Never mind all THAT!  Having our own "Moon-Base ALPHA" Will Be So COOL!

I'm counting to 10, now... (Breathe)


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rock In Peace, David Bowie: Space Oddity [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

You Know I Couldn't Not Post This Video...

Space Oddity - David Bowie

In Memory / Celebration Of The Colorful Life of Mr. David Bowie, of His Incredible Creative Genius and of His Musical and Performance Legacy:

"The same day he turned 69, 
David Bowie released Blackstar, his 25th studio album and his best since 2002's Heathen.

A man who's bucked, created and followed trends over the course of his impossibly fascinating career, Bowie is a true icon who successfully reinvented his career more times than any other figure in music history.
From his 1970's heyday as a gender ambiguous iconoclast to his icy Berlin period to his time as The Goblin King to his recent career comeback...

Here are 10 brilliantly bizarre clips from David Bowie:"
(Please click the link below.)

10 Brilliantly Bizarre David Bowie Videos

REST / ROCK IN PEACE, DAVID BOWIE (Guardian U.K.'s Blackstar Album Review)

(*I just learned that our Iconic, One-Of-A-Kind, Superstar, Creative, Chimerical Genius that is/was David Bowie has passed away, peacefully, surrounded by loved ones after an 18-month battle against cancer.

Thank you for Everything, David. Rock/Rest In Peace.)

David Bowie's Blackstar
(Excerpted from the Guardian U.K. Review. Please Clink The Link Below.)

"The first David Bowie album without a picture of the 69-year-old artist on its cover substitutes a shot of another star – a stark black symbol, into which a great deal can be read. This ideogram presides over a startling record that sounds far more urgent, contemporary and elliptical than Bowie’s 2013 comeback, The Next Day, an album that fell unexpectedly from the sky."

David Bowie: Blackstar review – urgent, contemporary and elliptical