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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Forbidden Archeology:New SUPPRESSED Evidence of Early Man (video)

Forbidden Archeology: Five different, exclusive geological tests proved that the Hueyatlaco site - with it's artifacts, bones and carvings - was over 250,000 years old.

In other words, it proves the long-held and widely-accepted theory about how long man has been in the "New World" utterly wrong.

The Result? No further excavation permitted.

Hmmm... Sounds similar to the situation when the Pope refused to look through Galileo's telescope and banned his claim (that the Earth orbits the Sun) for 300 years.

Silly little Homo-Sapiens! (*sighs)

Enjoy this Great Documentary:

My New Anthem: "F the CC" By Steve Earle. Enjoy!

My new Anthem.

Only Complaint? Steve Earle didn't include "F**k the NSA!".


"F the CC" - By Steve Earle

"I used to listen to the radio.  I don't guess they're listenin' to me no more.  And they talk too much but that's okay.  I don't understand a single word they say.  They piss and moan about the immigrants.  Don't say nothin' about the President.  A democracy don't work that way. I can say anything I wanna say.  So f**k the F.C.C..  F**k the F.B.I..  F**k the C.I.A.  Livin' in the motherf**kin' U.S.A...."