Friday, September 30, 2011

King Abdullah: Women can "participate" in 2015 vote. Meanwhile, woman gets 10 lashes for driving a car.

9/29/11 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart:
Great News: Municipal elections in Saudi Arabia.

My first thought: "Yeah, and it sucks that the Saudi women can't vote.".

And... Abracadabra!  King Abdullah declares that Saudi women will be able to "participate in voting"... in 2015.

That said... The Genuine "Bottom Line" goes like this: "The Big A" did not actually come forward and say - specifically - that Saudi women would be able to "vote".

This was still very surprising news and, upon hearing it, I almost began to feel an increased amount of hope for the women of Saudi Arabia. Almost.

The feeling was fleeting though, because the announcement was followed by the horrifying news that yet another Saudi woman has recently been unfairly sentenced to receive ten lashes as a punishment.

What did she do?

Well, she's going to be whipped for the heinous act of: driving a car(!).

(F*ing Misogynist Parasites.)

Here's the link: the

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Review Of "The Crow: Wicked Prayer" (I felt compelled to share)

Just watched "The Crow: Wicked Prayer" on Netflix... (Ugh!)

That said... my viewing experience compelled me to immediately pen a review about it and I wanted to share said review with you:

"I was definitely torn as to whether to give "The Crow: Wicked Prayer" 2 or 3 Stars.
On the 2-Star hand: I didn't like "Wicked Prayer" even remotely as much as its predecessors. And, sure, perhaps TC:WP does delve more deeply into the native mythology of The Crow than those earlier films, but (and it's a Big "but"): The editing sucked. The flashbacks would have helped to make more sense of this mishmash if they'd appeared earlier in the film. As it is, the viewer is left with little idea of what - if any - relationship exists between the main characters until halfway into the film. Also, I'm a girl who LOVES a well-choreographed and expertly shot fight scene featuring skilled actors. That said, the fight scenes in TC:WP... sucked. And the acting?  Well... you get the picture.

On the 3-Star hand: I Love The Crow (Brandon, may he Rest In Peace, Rocked). From what I could tell, Boreanaz did the best he could with what he had to work with - which wasn't much - but he definitely had all of the best lines of the film (he plays a charming villain). Tara Reid was gorgeous, but her acting was... er, flat (Apologies). Edward Furlong is interesting to look at, but should've taken acting lessons ("Acting Is Believing" is a great book for acting students, IMHO).

Check TC:WP out IF you're Really Bored and in desperate need of a distraction AND you can't - for the Life of you - find anything better of interest. (9/28/11 - SFSK8r)"

Media Undercuts Obama Speech With Backwards Narrative

"Press On!"
President Obama was back in form as he gave an energetic & rousing speech to thundering applause at the Congressional Black Caucus in recent days.

Despite the actual Truth, the AP's report said that Obama had chided the CBC and told them to "Stop complaining."

Despite the actual Facts, the beltway media, fox news & CNN's Blitzer & even Yahoo! News all headlined with and trumpeted the same incorrect and utterly out-of-context few words they hand-picked out of his speech.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee knows better (We Love you, Barbara!).

Rachel Maddow knows better (Ditto).

In fact, we all know better!

What those in the smarmy beltway media, fox news, CNN's Mr. Blitzer and Yahoo(?) News don't seem to comprehend is that...
A.) We're a lot smarter than that.
And... B.) The speech was recorded and can be viewed at anytime (via the link below, for example).
(i.e.- It's not like we have to take their (utterly worthless) word for it).

It was an inspirational speech, friends. Just take a listen...
(From: The Rachel Maddow Show)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Americans Behaving Badly. GOP Debates. Tea Party Mean-ority. Oh, And Infrastructure.

1st GOP Debate: Crowd Applauds Legalizing Heroin. CNN TP Debate: Crowd Applauds Letting Sick/Injured Uninsured Americans Die (Silence from Candidates). Fox GOP debate: Soldier In Iraq Asked About Protecting Advances In Gay/Lesbian Rights ~ Crowd Boo'd Soldier. Santorum: Didn't Hear Boo-ing (Liar). Not One Of The Candidates Spoke Up For The Soldier/Pointed Out The Crowd's Unconscionable Disrespect. TV Networks/News/Etc: Please Stop Paying Attention To/Giving Air-Time To That Petty, Puny, Intolerant and Mean-Spirited GOP Offshoot. Thanks.

From: The Rachel Maddow Show... 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Obama Draws Line On GOP Games... Hip Hip Hooray!

Dear President Obama:

I simply Love that shiny, strong Backbone you're exercising.

I sincerely hope the Dems in Congress follow that strong lead - if they haven't been before now.

And, please, don't feel bad about showing off that spine of yours - in both word and deed - because (without exception) you have gone above and beyond the call... You've shown great dedication to your goal of being Bi-Partisan. You made an exhaustive effort to work with with those "on the other side" of the aisle.  You were unwavering in your commitment to listening to the positions held by- and to considering bills proposed by GOP members of Congress... Despite their maddening practice of suddenly flip-flopping those positions:  After initially declaring support for a position or writing/sponsoring a bill, the GOP member would instantaneously and without reason flip his/her position and/or withdraw their support of a bill -  solely because they'd learned that you were in agreement with them on it.

(BTW: Utterly infantile and asinine behavior, GOP.)

The Problem?
Simply put: "Actions speak louder than words."  And, keeping that nugget of wisdom in mind, it's excruciatingly-obvious that current GOP members of Congress have made a voluntary decision to act (or decline to act) in ways that consistently show them to be militantly irrational, uncooperative and untrustworthy. And, they continue to act in this way with no regard as to how damaging their actions (or lack thereof) are and/or will be to the American people.

The Solution:
Simple: Remind yourself of the definition of "Insanity". Namely, doing the same thing over and over whilst expecting different results.
Translation...  Bi-Partisan Shmi-Partisan, Mr. President!  Ignore those Benedict Arnold windbags and simply do what you know to be The Right Thing for the Majority of America and We, the Majority of America, will Support You.

From: The Rachel Maddow Show:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NC’s Anti-Gay House Majority Leader: Gay People Are ‘Things’ Whose Relationships Can Be ‘Treated Differently’

NC’s Anti-Gay House Majority Leader: Gay People Are ‘Things’ Whose Relationships Can Be ‘Treated Differently’:
North Carolina House Majority Leader Paul Stam (R) and Minority Whip Rick Glazier (D) debated the proposed constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage in North Carolina at the UNC law school this afternoon. Towards the end of the event, Stam — who supports the measure — suggested that allowing gay and lesbian people to marry would open the door to polygamy and challenged Glazier to respond to his “slippery slope” argument.

“Different things can be treated differently if the things or people are in a very different relationship,” Stam said.[...]

"Things"?... Mr. Stam - you infinitely small, little man with the microscopic, little mind - think that gay people are "...things"?

Ugh! People like Mr. Stam are no more than present-day incarnations of the same, old, tired & dead bigots of previous generations (whom we look back at in disgust and horror) who even now do nothing more than sputter the same, old, tired, dead (and patently false) arguments against True Equality for All Men and Women/Enlightened Change.

Silly me... I believed my teachers when they said that all those reptilian dinosaurs with the teeny-tiny brains had died off millions of years ago. Apparently... a few have survived... hopefully for only a very brief period.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boehner Sets New Standard For Disrespect

Fact: Never Before in the history of America, has there been as much aggressive, intentional and utterly-unpatriotic disrespect shown to a sitting United States President/the Office of The President of the United States as has been shown, repeatedly, by GOP members of Congress.

Their ongoing monkey-wrenching at every real and imagined opportunity is offensive, infinitely-petty and only paints them as unqualified and incompetent (and did I mention "UnPatriotic"?).

From: The Rachel Maddow Show: "Boehner Sets New Standard For Disrespect":

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Logan Utah Bystanders Rescue Motorcyclist Pinned Under Burning Car

Even in this World that is - far too often - fraught with Headlines of Horror...
(Every once in a while) Something Utterly Transcendent & Truly Inspirational Happens...

Recently,, a random group of about a dozen men and women - mere bystanders - in Logan, Utah came running to the aid of a motorcyclist whom had been struck by a car and was pinned underneath the burning wreckage.

Thank and Bless every one of you. Best wishes the young man they saved - for healing and recovery.

(From:'s The Today Show clip)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Texas Governor /GOP Candidate-Wannabe Rick Perry... Wants You!

Texas Governor & GOP Candidate-Wannabe Rick Perry Wants You!

Well, to be more specific, Rick wants to relieve all Americans of their ("unConstitutional", as he calls it) Social Security Safety Net when you get older.

Social Security is nothing more than "Big Government's Shackles", Rick says.

And yet... If you're a woman of childbearing age, "Tricky" Rick Perry wants to impose his ridiculous idea of "little government"... All Up in Your Uterus - I kid you not...

From: The Rachel Maddow Show: