Monday, March 21, 2016

Brian Greene: The B-Theory of Time* (*Or: "I'm Glad Y'all Are Catching Up To Me!")

Whoo-Hoo! Vindication!

First, a confession:  I've never taken a class in Quantum Physics.  Nor have I read a single book on the subject.

And yet, despite this lack of formal (and informal) education, I have a strong understanding of its theories/concepts because I'd actually figured them out a number of years ago - unintentionally, all by my lonesome and long before I'd even heard of the term "Quantum Physics".  This spontaneous comprehension occurred at a 'time' when I was attempting to understand a number of inexplicable and extraordinary personal experiences... and I'd been unable to find any information on anything similar either online or in books.

These experiences are some of the reasons that I've been saying - for well over a decade - things like:  "So-Called 'Time' Doesn't Exist."  "Time Is A Fiction."  "Time Is Nothing But A Socially-Reinforced, Globally-Practiced Self-Delusion Forced Upon Us During Childhood." and... well, you get the picture.

As Brian Greene explains in the following video: Contrary to what virtually everyone has been taught to believe, in Reality, "Time" doesn't 'flow' - like a river.  What's generally understood as being 'The :Past' isn't, in fact, over and gone.  And, the events of 'The Future' aren't - at this very moment - nonexistent.

In 'Reality', what we all refer to as 'Time" is simply an infinite and eternal series of "Nows".

Which means: The "Nows" of the Past still exist.  And, similarly, all of 'The Nows' of the Future(s) exist right now... of all of our futures.

Hells Yeah!

Thank You, Albert Einstein, Quantum Physics, Brian Greene and my Incredible (and College-Degree Free) Mind/Brain!

Remember: The Truth Is Within Us All!


Sunday, March 20, 2016

How Anonymous Just Fooled Donald Trump, the Secret Service, and the FBI

The Hacktivist Collective Known As...

Anonymous - once infamous, primarily, for their prankster ways - "just pulled a fast one on Donald Trump, his campaign staff, the Secret Service, and the FBI — in one brilliant and telling fell swoop.

On Friday, Anonymous announced it had released Trump’s personal information online — including such details as his cell phone number and Social Security number.  Backlash from the Trump front promptly followed, as well as an announcement from the Secret Service and FBI that an investigation had begun.

However, the information had NOT been hacked nor leaked.

In fact, everything Anonymous posted had been online — and available for anyone to see — for years."

And, mass hilarity ensued - Proving a much-needed point:

"Why law enforcement - at every level - was so quick to pounce on the NON-crime and effect arrest of those behind it 

— WITHOUT investigating whether a crime had even been committed —

paints a telling portrait of exactly the FASCIST tendencies Anonymous wished to prove."

BRAVO, Anonymous Family, BRAVO!

Read All About It, HERE:

How Anonymous Just Fooled Donald Trump, the Secret Service, and the FBI

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Top 10 Underrated Films of the 2010s

I'm sure RR is terrific in "Buried" - didn't want to be buried in that claustrophobic coffin with him.  "Take Shelter" looks like a great performance and a self-induced "Buried".  CH is cute and all, but "Rush"? - wasn't feeling it.  "Looper" is Awesome - watch it, repeatedly!. "Super 8" is Super Sci-Fi!  Hadn't heard of "Place Beyond The Pines" - Will watch.  "Killer Joe"? - no thanks, I already have night terrors.  The "Dredd" re-make slipped by me & is on my 'To Watch' List.  "Seven Psychopaths"? - You had me at Rockwell, Farrell & Walken - Oh my!  "Prisoners"? - take me, take me!

Have YOU Seen Any Of These Films?  What did You Think?

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Reply To SFCitizen's Post Re: Golden Gate Park's (& San Francisco's) Disappearing Trash Cans

Public Trash Receptacle via SFDPW.

The following is my comment/reply to's post:

"Oh Look, No More Garbage Cans at the Golden Gate Park Panhandle Playground..."

Hello sfcitizen:

Years ago, I noticed when The City's garbage cans were disappearing from street corners and parks - particularly in the Panhandle, because I live on Haight Street.

I do not know what The City's excuse was for removing them at that time, but I guessed the City fathers were thinking, "Remove the trash cans and cut back on the Sunset Scavengers bill." Or, "Remove the cans and no one will dump their trash around them when they're overflowing."

If only it were so simple!  Unfortunately, it appears that there's always going to be a fair number of human beings who are going to throw whatever trash they have away - regardless of whether there's a receptacle for it or not.

As someone who, voluntarily, cleans up trash, daily (primarily shattered bottles & other hazards) from our sidewalks and parks, I've learned that, sadly, there's a never-ending stream of it.

And, as it's turned out, without any trash cans for the more sensible among the masses to make use of, people's (especially 'Bay To Breakers' and "4:20" weekend warrior people's) trash is still getting scattered on the ground in the parks and on the street corners where the cans used to be located.

Whether for rats or whatever, removing all the trash cans is not the answer.

Keep San Francisco Beautiful, people! (Or, at least, don't trash her!)

A fellow sfcitizen

Put Your Best Face Forward: My Personal Review Of Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid

It's easy to take your skin for granted.  But, believe it or not, there are simple steps you can take to support your skin's natural processes which bring about significant improvement in it's activity and appearance.

One of these steps is:  Exfoliation.  Your skin does this naturally, of course.  But, sometimes, (depending on a few variables) your skin may need a little help.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to try Paula's Choice 2% BHA (stands for "Beta-Hydroxy Acid") Liquid for free in exchange for writing a honest review.

And, here's what I think about it:

I'd read about this product, but wasn't sure if it would have that much of an effect on my skin: "What's 2% of anything going to do?", is what I'd thought.  Well, I've been using this gentle, fragrance-free, pH-balanced exfoliant twice daily - morning and night - applied with a cotton ball.  After the first week, I was receiving compliments on my skin.  

Yesterday, I really looked at my face in a mirror (something I don't usually like to do) and... I did a double-take.  Then, I took an even closer look.  The pores on my nose and cheeks were clear and smaller.  Remarkably, there was no late-in-the-day oily shine.  There were no blackheads on the sides of my nose.  There were no tiny white bumps.  The surface of my skin was smooth, supple (no flaky spots) and the ruddy areas which - in the past - have discouraged me from looking too closely at my face were no more.

In a word?  I'm amazed.  And, I'm thrilled to have found a facial care product that actually does what it claims to do!  Answering the door when this opportunity knocked and adding this step to my skincare routine were two of the smartest things I've done in a while.

Paula knows her stuff:  Her products contain scientifically-proven ingredients in efficacious amounts in skin-supporting combinations.  And, her products are cruelty-free: No animal-testing!

Happily, I give Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid my highest recommendation!
(The Deluxe Trial size is available for $9 right now!)

And, if YOU are interested in trying Paula's Choice Skincare products - any of them - please go to Paula' and enter the code "PRBHA16" at checkout to save 20% AND get FREE Shipping, too!

Your face will thank you!