Thursday, August 30, 2012

RNC 2012 101: Government Exists To Protect The Individual Liberties Of Everyone Without A Uterus.

The GOP 2012 Platform was formally adopted yesterday. One of its planks: A Human Life Amendment to the Constitution ("Personhood") with no exceptions for rape, incest or the life of the mother.

In the wake of the furor over Representative Todd Akins outrageous remarks about some magical pregnancy-prevention process which occurs during a rape, Mitt Romney now claims that he rejects the "no exceptions" part of the GOP anti-abortion platform.

When Samantha Bee (The Daily Show) asked numerous GOP conventioneers for their responses to Mitt's choice to 'go rogue' and reject the Party's absolute zero abortion plank, some of the most popular responses were:

"We live in America... A free society.";  "It's up to every human being to decide what's best for them.";  "Who are we to tell someone how they should act?";  "It's hard to make that decision unless you're the one in that situation.";  "It's not for me to judge." and...

"Government's purpose is to protect your individual liberties." *

* Except and Unless * that 'individual liberty' is the one which guarantees each and every American woman's right to choose what happens to her own body.

Enjoy this clip from last night's The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (with TDS Correspondent Samantha Bee reporting from the RNC in Tampa, FL.):

Experts: "Non-Human Consciousness Exists!" (Well, Duh!)

Have you ever considered the consciousness - or unconsciousness - of your dog?

Last month, 25 of the world's leading scientists gathered together with the express purpose of examining and discussing a variety of accumulated scientific evidence on the subject of animal consciousness and they reached a unanimous decision:

"Animals - specifically mammals and birds - are, in fact, conscious beings."

While some of you may be inclined towards filing this remarkable and truly newsworthy event under the category of "Believe It Or Not"...  Not yours truly.

Despite having grown up in a world which had all-too eagerly swallowed/followed/clung to the long-standing tradition/practice of wantonly using/abusing non-human Earthlings however they wanted (with or without a reason)...  It wasn't long after achieving awareness of my own consciousness that I reached a conclusion on this very topic.

And - for me - from that moment right on up to this day...  this (now scientifically-proven/accepted) "discovery" was a foregone conclusion.

And, as such, I'd filed it under the undeniably apropos category of "Well, Duh!".

Check out the story/discovery and the owners of the brilliant minds who were involved - here:
Link To X-PRIZE Article In The Huffington Post

Friday, August 24, 2012

RNC Ostracizes Todd Akin For His Extremist Views (Which are identical to the RNC's)

Reporter: "Should it be legal for a woman to get an abortion if she's been raped?"
Paul Ryan: "I'm very proud of my pro-life record and I've always adopted the position that the method of conception doesn't change the definition of life."

In other words, regarding the situation in which a rape survivor becomes pregnant, Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan's life-long, doggedly-pursued position is utterly identical to that of Sharon Engle ("If life gives you a lemon (you become pregnant after being raped) then you should make lemonade.") and it's identical to that of the strategically-scapegoated, infamous and utterly clueless Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO).

Don't be fooled by Mr. Ryan's "Gee, shucks. Y'all have nothing to fear.  I'm not the one who is running for President. Mitt Romney is."

That may be true, but Paul Ryan is no innocuous bystander/spectator/passer-by.  He's running for Vice President.  And, Vice President is a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

*Remember Sarah Palin's turn as GOP VP nominee in 2008?  (Of course you do.)  And, do you remember the moment when that particularly gut-wrenching, nightmare-inducing thought finally hit you that... IF John McCain were elected President... And, IF he were to die suddenly or become incapacitated...  THEN... (OMFG!) Sarah Palin would take his place as... President.

It's deja vu again with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

One shudders to think.

From TRMS:

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* Romney Girl * Come on and Sing along: "I'm a Romney Girl in a Romney world!"

A lively, catchy song sung by a beautiful blonde...

Featuring fast cars and countless exotic locations... What's not to Love?

Come on, everybody and sing along with us:

"... I'm a Romney Girl in a Romney world!!!"

I sooo Love This!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

21st Century Back-Alley Abortions: Dangerous Pharmaceuticals. Gee Thanks, Texas!

Under extremist, right-wing (nut) Republican control, Texas gutted funding to family-planning services statewide - an action which affects tens of thousands of American women.

Being Texas, of course they didn't stop there. They also passed a law which forces women seeking termination of a pregnancy to undergo medically-unnecessary ultrasound procedures. (What's the big deal. Just close your eyes, right?)

So... Have the draconian actions of the (*mostly male) Texas GOP lawmakers brought an end to abortion?

No. Of course not!

Result:  The 21st Century's coat-hanger/back-alley abortions comes in the form of a pharmaceutical drug.  Readily available from unregulated pharmacies in Mexico.  Without a prescription or instructions, thank you very much.

Can you say "massive hemorrhaging", boys and girls?

Wow!  This is much better than undergoing a legal, medical procedure performed by a licensed physician in a sterile, well-equipped, staffed hospital room.

Gee... Thanks, Texas!
(*From TRMS)

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rage Against The Machine Rages Against Paul Ryan

As a lifelong fan of the band "Rage Against The Machine", my jaw literally dropped when I learned that GOP Veep nominee Paul Ryan says he, too, is a fan of the band.
And, in an op-ed piece for Rolling Stone Magazine, Rage front-man Tom Morello explains perfectly why - for those of us whom love Rage - this revelation elicits considerable surprise and utter disgust...

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Women's Rights Advocates Sock-It To Paul Ryan (*With Humor)

From promoting federally-forced ultrasounds to pushing for federal personhood for zygotes, Mitt Romney's VP Nominee Paul Ryan's (R-WI) tireless personal contributions to the Republican Party's War Against Women hasn't gone unnoticed by women's rights advocates armed with both superb senses of humor and internet connections...

(From The Rachel Maddow Show 8/14/2012)

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