Thursday, August 23, 2012

21st Century Back-Alley Abortions: Dangerous Pharmaceuticals. Gee Thanks, Texas!

Under extremist, right-wing (nut) Republican control, Texas gutted funding to family-planning services statewide - an action which affects tens of thousands of American women.

Being Texas, of course they didn't stop there. They also passed a law which forces women seeking termination of a pregnancy to undergo medically-unnecessary ultrasound procedures. (What's the big deal. Just close your eyes, right?)

So... Have the draconian actions of the (*mostly male) Texas GOP lawmakers brought an end to abortion?

No. Of course not!

Result:  The 21st Century's coat-hanger/back-alley abortions comes in the form of a pharmaceutical drug.  Readily available from unregulated pharmacies in Mexico.  Without a prescription or instructions, thank you very much.

Can you say "massive hemorrhaging", boys and girls?

Wow!  This is much better than undergoing a legal, medical procedure performed by a licensed physician in a sterile, well-equipped, staffed hospital room.

Gee... Thanks, Texas!
(*From TRMS)

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