Thursday, August 30, 2012

Experts: "Non-Human Consciousness Exists!" (Well, Duh!)

Have you ever considered the consciousness - or unconsciousness - of your dog?

Last month, 25 of the world's leading scientists gathered together with the express purpose of examining and discussing a variety of accumulated scientific evidence on the subject of animal consciousness and they reached a unanimous decision:

"Animals - specifically mammals and birds - are, in fact, conscious beings."

While some of you may be inclined towards filing this remarkable and truly newsworthy event under the category of "Believe It Or Not"...  Not yours truly.

Despite having grown up in a world which had all-too eagerly swallowed/followed/clung to the long-standing tradition/practice of wantonly using/abusing non-human Earthlings however they wanted (with or without a reason)...  It wasn't long after achieving awareness of my own consciousness that I reached a conclusion on this very topic.

And - for me - from that moment right on up to this day...  this (now scientifically-proven/accepted) "discovery" was a foregone conclusion.

And, as such, I'd filed it under the undeniably apropos category of "Well, Duh!".

Check out the story/discovery and the owners of the brilliant minds who were involved - here:
Link To X-PRIZE Article In The Huffington Post

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