Thursday, January 26, 2017

ICYMI: UFO "Disclosure" has already happened.

Regarding last night's discussion on UFO "Disclosure" on Fade To Black with Jimmy Church...

ICYMI:  "Disclosure" has already happened.

Although, sadly, due to the breathtaking ineptness and/or continuing collusion of the mainstream press with the denial-based powers-that-be (they all but ignored this ground=shaking, highly newsworthy event)... t'was not so much with a "BANG!" as with a whisper:

"PHOENIX, AZ — The United States Government has, for the first time ever, acknowledged by de facto the long-suspected reality of the UFO phenomenon. John Burroughs encountered a craft of unknown origin in England’s Rendlesham Forest in December of 1980 and suffered injury there from for which the Veterans Administration has now recognized by granting him full medical disability."

-- Attorney Pat Frascogna on February 22 at the press conference of the 2015 International UFO Congress: