Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO: Heartbreak Expressed Over Evicting of HYA / Homeless Youth Alliance In Haight-Ashbury

The above video clip is courtesy of KTVU.

My deepest "Thanks!!" goes out to: Mr. David Stevenson; the good folks over at KTVU; Michael Xavier; Mary Howe - Director of Homeless Youth Alliance; Staff and my fellow volunteers at HYA!

As for "the landlords" mentioned in the video: Dr. David Smith (Founder of Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic!) and some thing called "Happening House Ventures"...

Shame!... Shame on You!  And... to evict 'em on Christmas-Freaking-Day!? You gotta be kidding!? (Or, perhaps...) You must be HIGH!

Hello?! Dr. Smith? San Francisco? Haight-Ashbury District residents and merchants?:
If HYA is evicted... Where the Hell are all the homeless kids of the Haight going to find something we ALL take for granted: A Shower - now?!!  Or pick up their mail?  Or get counseling?  Or gather to get off the street and watch a movie?  Or participate in an art or health group?  Or be given clean, dry clothes/socks/shoes/coats/blankets at no charge? ...  Maybe at your home, Dr. Smith?

Is anyone out there willing to open up their home so a few kids who live outdoors can have a shower once in a while? No?? (For the record: I used to do exactly this. A lot. Can't anymore.)

If they put a (yet another) pizza place there!... or... God!... (yet another) Stupid Thing (ie. sunglasses; t-shirts; minimalist boutique)!...

Well, let's just say that it doesn't bode well...

*And, B.T.W.
~ Great job making countless young and unimaginably difficult lives that much more difficult, rough and in need of a shower, "landlords".