Monday, March 21, 2016

Brian Greene: The B-Theory of Time* (*Or: "I'm Glad Y'all Are Catching Up To Me!")

Whoo-Hoo! Vindication!

First, a confession:  I've never taken a class in Quantum Physics.  Nor have I read a single book on the subject.

And yet, despite this lack of formal (and informal) education, I have a strong understanding of its theories/concepts because I'd actually figured them out a number of years ago - unintentionally, all by my lonesome and long before I'd even heard of the term "Quantum Physics".  This spontaneous comprehension occurred at a 'time' when I was attempting to understand a number of inexplicable and extraordinary personal experiences... and I'd been unable to find any information on anything similar either online or in books.

These experiences are some of the reasons that I've been saying - for well over a decade - things like:  "So-Called 'Time' Doesn't Exist."  "Time Is A Fiction."  "Time Is Nothing But A Socially-Reinforced, Globally-Practiced Self-Delusion Forced Upon Us During Childhood." and... well, you get the picture.

As Brian Greene explains in the following video: Contrary to what virtually everyone has been taught to believe, in Reality, "Time" doesn't 'flow' - like a river.  What's generally understood as being 'The :Past' isn't, in fact, over and gone.  And, the events of 'The Future' aren't - at this very moment - nonexistent.

In 'Reality', what we all refer to as 'Time" is simply an infinite and eternal series of "Nows".

Which means: The "Nows" of the Past still exist.  And, similarly, all of 'The Nows' of the Future(s) exist right now... of all of our futures.

Hells Yeah!

Thank You, Albert Einstein, Quantum Physics, Brian Greene and my Incredible (and College-Degree Free) Mind/Brain!

Remember: The Truth Is Within Us All!


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