Thursday, April 07, 2016

(It's More Than Just) The "Mandela Effect" - The Matrix, For Real (podcast)

Have You Found Any Inconsistencies In:

"... the spelling of childhood products; dead celebrities that are now alive; missing continents; alternate history and then some.

For example, do you remember the books titled “The Berenstein Bears"?  Me too…but apparently it’s always been Berenstain Bears".

How about the color of the rain jacket worn by Carmen Sandiego?  Everyone I know remembers it as being yellow, but apparently it’s always been red.

Do you remember Betty White dying? She’s still alive.

The deeper you dig, the stranger it gets.

But perhaps you remember things as they are.

Perhaps this is a conspiracy.  Perhaps not.  Theories run wild with this one.  Could this be the Butterfly Effect in real life?

An alternate history caused by time travel?  Proof of parallel worlds or a parallel universe?  A Multiverse?

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