Sunday, March 20, 2016

How Anonymous Just Fooled Donald Trump, the Secret Service, and the FBI

The Hacktivist Collective Known As...

Anonymous - once infamous, primarily, for their prankster ways - "just pulled a fast one on Donald Trump, his campaign staff, the Secret Service, and the FBI — in one brilliant and telling fell swoop.

On Friday, Anonymous announced it had released Trump’s personal information online — including such details as his cell phone number and Social Security number.  Backlash from the Trump front promptly followed, as well as an announcement from the Secret Service and FBI that an investigation had begun.

However, the information had NOT been hacked nor leaked.

In fact, everything Anonymous posted had been online — and available for anyone to see — for years."

And, mass hilarity ensued - Proving a much-needed point:

"Why law enforcement - at every level - was so quick to pounce on the NON-crime and effect arrest of those behind it 

— WITHOUT investigating whether a crime had even been committed —

paints a telling portrait of exactly the FASCIST tendencies Anonymous wished to prove."

BRAVO, Anonymous Family, BRAVO!

Read All About It, HERE:

How Anonymous Just Fooled Donald Trump, the Secret Service, and the FBI

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