Thursday, March 03, 2016

Reply To SFCitizen's Post Re: Golden Gate Park's (& San Francisco's) Disappearing Trash Cans

Public Trash Receptacle via SFDPW.

The following is my comment/reply to's post:

"Oh Look, No More Garbage Cans at the Golden Gate Park Panhandle Playground..."

Hello sfcitizen:

Years ago, I noticed when The City's garbage cans were disappearing from street corners and parks - particularly in the Panhandle, because I live on Haight Street.

I do not know what The City's excuse was for removing them at that time, but I guessed the City fathers were thinking, "Remove the trash cans and cut back on the Sunset Scavengers bill." Or, "Remove the cans and no one will dump their trash around them when they're overflowing."

If only it were so simple!  Unfortunately, it appears that there's always going to be a fair number of human beings who are going to throw whatever trash they have away - regardless of whether there's a receptacle for it or not.

As someone who, voluntarily, cleans up trash, daily (primarily shattered bottles & other hazards) from our sidewalks and parks, I've learned that, sadly, there's a never-ending stream of it.

And, as it's turned out, without any trash cans for the more sensible among the masses to make use of, people's (especially 'Bay To Breakers' and "4:20" weekend warrior people's) trash is still getting scattered on the ground in the parks and on the street corners where the cans used to be located.

Whether for rats or whatever, removing all the trash cans is not the answer.

Keep San Francisco Beautiful, people! (Or, at least, don't trash her!)

A fellow sfcitizen

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