Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Media Undercuts Obama Speech With Backwards Narrative

"Press On!"
President Obama was back in form as he gave an energetic & rousing speech to thundering applause at the Congressional Black Caucus in recent days.

Despite the actual Truth, the AP's report said that Obama had chided the CBC and told them to "Stop complaining."

Despite the actual Facts, the beltway media, fox news & CNN's Blitzer & even Yahoo! News all headlined with and trumpeted the same incorrect and utterly out-of-context few words they hand-picked out of his speech.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee knows better (We Love you, Barbara!).

Rachel Maddow knows better (Ditto).

In fact, we all know better!

What those in the smarmy beltway media, fox news, CNN's Mr. Blitzer and Yahoo(?) News don't seem to comprehend is that...
A.) We're a lot smarter than that.
And... B.) The speech was recorded and can be viewed at anytime (via the link below, for example).
(i.e.- It's not like we have to take their (utterly worthless) word for it).

It was an inspirational speech, friends. Just take a listen...
(From: The Rachel Maddow Show)

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