Sunday, September 25, 2011

Americans Behaving Badly. GOP Debates. Tea Party Mean-ority. Oh, And Infrastructure.

1st GOP Debate: Crowd Applauds Legalizing Heroin. CNN TP Debate: Crowd Applauds Letting Sick/Injured Uninsured Americans Die (Silence from Candidates). Fox GOP debate: Soldier In Iraq Asked About Protecting Advances In Gay/Lesbian Rights ~ Crowd Boo'd Soldier. Santorum: Didn't Hear Boo-ing (Liar). Not One Of The Candidates Spoke Up For The Soldier/Pointed Out The Crowd's Unconscionable Disrespect. TV Networks/News/Etc: Please Stop Paying Attention To/Giving Air-Time To That Petty, Puny, Intolerant and Mean-Spirited GOP Offshoot. Thanks.

From: The Rachel Maddow Show... 

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