Saturday, December 06, 2014

My New Anthem: "F the CC" By Steve Earle. Enjoy!

My new Anthem.

Only Complaint? Steve Earle didn't include "F**k the NSA!".


"F the CC" - By Steve Earle

"I used to listen to the radio.  I don't guess they're listenin' to me no more.  And they talk too much but that's okay.  I don't understand a single word they say.  They piss and moan about the immigrants.  Don't say nothin' about the President.  A democracy don't work that way. I can say anything I wanna say.  So f**k the F.C.C..  F**k the F.B.I..  F**k the C.I.A.  Livin' in the motherf**kin' U.S.A...."

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