Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Got Global Warming/Climate Change? (Hint: Think "Superstorm Sandy")

Got Global Warming/Global Climate Change?  - No?
Well, O.K..  Then, how 'bout - Now?

For The Pro-Extinction (as long as it's profitable) few still clinging to what is either: A.) An utterly irrational, Or B.) A 'greed-over-green' rejection of the globally-acknowledged, decades-of-scientific-research-based FACT that is 'Human-Caused Global Warming/Climate Change' (That white-knuckled, rigor mortis-like grip of theirs is so cute!)...

I offer the undeniable, irrefutable evidence that is Hurricane Sandy (aka "The Frankenstorm") (aka "The Perfect Storm").

If you share in that particular core-belief held by Mitt Romney and his fellow Republicans about the federal government being too "nanny-like"; about large - yet vital - federal agencies such as FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) being overdue for huge budget cuts; about how the states should shoulder the majority of control over and responsibility for what happens within their borders...

... I humbly encourage you to share those beliefs with any of the Governors, Mayors and residents of the cities and states who - in the aftermath of Sandy - are facing an unknown number of days without electricity; widespread flood-damage; a small fraction of functional transportation system; downed trees; downed power-lines; wayward, damaged and/or totaled automobiles; heavily-burdened first-responders; etc.  (*Reminder: Get those earthquake/emergency/disaster survival kits together - Now!) Of course, those in charge are already working out the details of a variety of plans/projects and will - hopefully - soon initiate those complex, extensive and expensive clean-ups, repairs, construction projects whilst also figuring out who - exactly - is going to foot the bills for all of the above.  In addition, they must do this whilst keeping the real threat of inevitable "super-storms" yet to be in mind... spurring research and development of newly-informed, storm-ready changes to traditional - and now outdated/problematic - practices (such as relocating back-up generators from what are now recognized as flood-vulnerable basements) and all other challenges yet to face them in the wide and destructive wake of Hurricane Sandy.

*Sandy may have been the first such Super-Storm... but, she's definitely not the last.

Kill The Oil-Addiction - Now.  (Before it kills us.)

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