Thursday, November 01, 2012

Obama, Christie tour N.J. While In Ohio Romney Stages "See Mitt Give!" Photo-Op Disguised As "Relief Event"

Happy All Hallow's Eve!  Yes, I know it's past midnight.  S' O.K.:  Ev'ry Day is Halloween in San Francisco! :p

Having suspended his campaign before Hurricane Sandy struck in order to organize, plan, initiate and co-ordinate swift, effective federal support and assistance to the areas hit the hardest, President Obama spent Wednesday with N.J. Gov. Chris Christie (R) in Marine I surveying the extensive and stunning level of damage done to New Jersey by the Superstorm.

You wouldn't think it now - hearing the much-deserved praise Governor Christie has been heaping on the President, FEMA, the federal government's response time and swiftness of effective action (no post-Katrina entropy here) - but just two weeks ago the RNC Keynote Speaker and Romney surrogate was making a public appearance in which he verbally raked President Obama over the coals for being  "a failure".  Prior to the natural disaster, such baseless criticism was just classic, caustic Christie.

So, what has Mitt Romney been up to (other than carpet-bombing the airwaves in Ohio and other swing-states with TV and Radio ads filled with blatant, patently-false accusations)?  Hmmm... Well, on Tuesday, Mitt put lipstick on a pig and renamed an Ohio "Romney Victory Rally" a "Storm Relief Event".  What's the difference?  The Romney campaign asked attendees to bring canned foods to the venue for collection/donation to The Red Cross/Sandy Relief.

What a nice gesture - Right?  Wrong.  It was the hollowest of gestures.  A fraud.  A ruse.  In Truth, the whole "Relief"-reboot was calculated and staged to facilitate a 'Compassionate Mitt' photo-op.  How do I know?  Because Romney staffers went on a mad rush to Wal-Mart the eve before and purchased $5000.00 worth of food, goods, diapers.

Upon their return to the event location, they piled their Wall-haul in front of the entrance to the designated "Take a pic with Mitt" area.  And, when people showed up empty-handed, they could be directed to the Wall o'goods, instructed to grab, say,  a can of peanut butter, walk in, hand it to Mitt - which was his cue to then say, as earnestly as possible, "Thank you." and - "Say 'Cheese'!" - a campaign staffer would then snap a photograph of the oh-so-touching Mitt-moment.

(snif) Give me a moment, please. (sniff) I'm trying to squeeze out a Mitt-tear or Mitt-two.

This "Mitt-Relief" event was neither sincere nor thoughtful.  Go to The American Red Cross website.  FAQ: The Red Cross neither collects nor accepts donations of hard goods.  It's  impractical.  They do the most good by actively assisting those in need.  Not by getting bogged down having to collect, transport, sort and transport (again) hard goods.

For anyone who sincerely wants to support The Red Cross/Assist the thousands of Americans who are suffering in the wake of Superstorm Sandy...
Please do so in a genuine, practical and effective way:  1.) Write a check to The Red Cross.  2.) Donate blood.   3.) Text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to send a $10.00 donation.

Thank You.

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