Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The "Akin-Effect": Anti-Science GOP Representatives Want To Lead House Science Committee

Did You Know...?
Congressional Representative Todd Akin (R) MO (the "women's bodies magically prevent pregnancies during 'legitimate rape'" guy) serves on the House Science Committee?

I think most of us would like to know: Whom, exactly, is the undercover refugee from what must be a whack-a-mole, whack-a-do parallel universe (who obviously extorted some other moronic mover-and-shaker in order to acquire a Congressional seat) thought THAT was a sensible - or, Gd forbid, ideal - choice?!

Now, in a closely-related and timely coincidence, three seats have opened up on that very same House Science Committee.

And Get This... The top three Republican Congressional Representatives actively trying to acquire those Science Committee Seats are - like Todd Akin before them - all Anti-Science/Science-Rejecting Republicans (Well, shut mah mouth!).

*Please! *Please! *Please, Dear Congress... In this very instant... Please swear that you will - now and forever - stop staffing the House Science Committee (or any as-yet-to-be-formed committee whose task will be to brainstorm new, efficient, effective, achievable plans/regulation/legislation that will successfully combat/hopefully roll-back global warming) with Learning-Ain't-Fundamental, Dinosaur-Flatulence-Causes-Global-Warming members of what Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) LA, himself, referred to as: "The Stupid Party".

Thank You Ever So Much.
With L- (nah)... With Appreciation,
Your Constituents.
And, Your Mother Earth.
From Hardball With Chris Matthews:

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