Friday, November 30, 2012

Jordan Davis (R.I.P), Michael Dunn (S.O.B.) And Stand Your Ground: Further Proof That Florida Still Sucks

Heartbreaking News:

(*Sigh.)  There's been yet another senseless murder of an unarmed, African-American teenager committed by a gun-toting, middle-aged, white man in everybody's favorite "Sunshine State" of Florida.

The previous and, similarly, cold-blooded murder garnered much national attention, especially when the defendant cited Florida's chicken-fried "Stand Your Ground" law in his defense. In that case, the young victim had been taking a walk and was pursued - without cause and after being told not to by 911 operators - by his attacker.

In this recent incident, the young victim was simply sitting in the back seat of a car with three friends, listening to music while another friend went into a convenience store for some snacks.  The shooter was in an adjacent car.  He told the young men to turn down their music.  They ignored him - not a bad choice - at which point, without warning, the man raised a gun and fired eight bullets into the car.  A car with four young men sitting, unarmed, inside.  Somehow the shooter, Michael Dunn 45, missed three of them (perhaps it was due to the alcoholic beverages he'd enjoyed at the wedding he'd just left?).  Tragically, two of the bullets struck Jordan Davis, 17, and killed him.  Dunn then did what any murderer would do... he fled the scene.

The prior incident took place in south Florida.  This heinous act occurred in the city of Jacksonville - on the state's northeast coast.  I literally cringed when I heard Lawrence O'Donnell identify the town.  And, I cringed when I typed its name.  * Why?  Because I know Jacksonville very well.  I grew up there.  Not by choice, of course.  Toddlers don't get choices.

It took many long, grueling and challenging years, but I was finally able to escape from J-ville (Thank Gd!).  I jumped on a plane and went west... To Cali and to my beloved San Franpsycho (Blessed Be).  Ah, but, I digress...

Jacksonville, Florida is - among other things - the largest city in the United States in square miles. Yet, as I learned early on, much of its geography is populated by people burdened - or perhaps not - with rather small minds.  This deficit may be the result of some environmental factor (i.e.- something in the water?) or societal (perhaps a tradition that's passed from generation to generation?)... I simply don't know.

What I can say is this: I'm ecstatic and eternally grateful that - whatever it was - it wasn't anything contagious.

Fascinating and Fun Trivia: One of Jacksonville's previous "15 Minutes Of (Newsworthy) Fame" which you may or may not have heard about occurred when the decision-makers in charge of this 21st Century American city -- Banned Harry Potter Books From Its Public Libraries  -- because (get this!) they were disturbed to discover that author J.K. Rowling's wildly-popular Works Of Fiction... "Promoted Witchcraft".

In the words of Sarah Palin: "I kid you not."
And, with this lil' bit of (hopefully) humiliating history... I rest my case.

From The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell:

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