Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Smells Like GOP Secession: Mmm! Mmm! Good!

According to recent Public Policy Polling, 25% of Republicans support their state seceding from the Union simply because President Obama was re-elected/their side lost.

In seven states - AL, FL, GA, LA, NC, TN, TX - the number of signatures has forced the White House to respond.

Apparently, threats of secession have ceased to be the exclusive secret weapon of your crazy, Fox TV and fringe-fried uncle - twice removed.

(Needless to say, empty) Threats of secession are being thrown around like so much primate poop (Indeed, they're all primates).

Some pro-secessionists, like Ron Paul, are even educated.  Paul declared secession to be "a deeply American principle."  (You know, Ron, you're absolutely right. Secession from the Union did amazing things for the South that last time.)

And, Alan Keyes said, "The true right to secede comes from God, not the Constitution."  (I... uh, no. Never mind.)

Allow me to retort (and I'd LOVE to hear the White House say this): "Go ahead. We won't even try to stop you. And, please, don't let the door slam on your way out."

*Hmm... Wait!  It's not that I give a damn, but - what the heck, I've still gotta ask just one question:  "Where is it, exactly, that would you go?"

From Hardball With Chris Matthews:

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