Saturday, December 08, 2012

Why The GOP Plan To Raise Medicare Eligibility From 65 To 67 Is A Really Bad Idea

The GOP's Plan To Raise Medicare Eligibility From 65 To 67 Years Of Age Is A Really Bad Idea.


Answer: Simple Math.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation's Center On Budget And Policy Priorities: Although the net federal savings from raising Medicare's eligibility age by two years would be: $5.7 billion, in the final analysis, there would also be an increase in costs somewhere in the range of $11.4 billion across the economy for doing so.

Short & Sweet: Raising Medicare's eligibility age from 65 To 67 would end up costing twice as much as the initial savings.

So, Congress, don't do it. 

*Oh... and, please: Stop Negotiating With Terrorists (Including Domestic Ones Embedded In Congress.)

From The Rachel Maddow Show. Guest Host: Ezra Klein.

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