Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Justice vs. The Student * Or * Out With The Old In With The New

In response to a question from the honorable Duncan Hosie (freshman at Princeton University) during the question-and-answer period following his speech, SCOTUS associate Justice Scalia doubled-down on his then- and still- stunningly intolerant, inflammatory, ignorant and illogical dissenting opinion from the Lawrence vs. Texas Supreme Court decision.  In that 2003 case, the High Court struck down (6-3) a Texas ban and ruled that states could not outlaw sodomy between consenting adults of the same sex.

If doing so at this time - when a significant majority of Americans support marriage equality - makes Scalia look/sound like an unapologetic bag of hot, fetid wind who may be showing early signs of dementia... What's the big deal?

Well, the problem is that - as an active member of the ultra-exclusive club that is SCOTUS - Scalia ought to refrain from giving speeches.  Especially if, in doing so, he reveals his own personal (discriminatory) opinions on issues which directly pertain to upcoming Supreme Court Cases.  Actually, in this instance, to *Two* upcoming Supreme Court cases (one pertains to the unconstitutionality of California's Prop. 8 and one pertains to striking down DOMA).

Since Scalia's behaved similarly before, one could say: "At least he's consistent."

And, here's hoping that he remains consistent when these two historic cases are heard and that - when the Court's equal rights- and equal protection-based decisions are finally announced - Scalia, yet again, finds himself (alone, hopefully) in the minority, dissenting opinion.

From The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell (the delightful Alex Wagner guest hosts):

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