Friday, November 16, 2012

Debunking Fox News Latest Jobs Report Conspiracy (*Hint: Reading Is Fundamental)

Fox News showed their true colors as they gleefully pounced, tore into and gorged their immaculately-dressed and not a hair out of place-coiffed selves on the most recent jobless claims report released by the Labor Department.

The report shows a rise in those filing for unemployment benefits.

So, of course, Fox's foaming-at-the-mouth Friends immediately began talking up a White House/Obama/Labor Department conspiracy, asking "Why?" the high unemployment numbers only came out after President Obama's decisive victory over Mitt Romney.

Our heroes were... (er, no...)

The frenzied Fox News bobbles had obviously been too busy working into a feeding frenzy to have actually read the entire report.

Because, if they'd only bothered to read it, they'd have learned - one would hope - that the Labor Department actually cited why there was a rise in the number of people filing for unemployment benefits.  And that cause was cited not once... but twice.

Two words: "Superstorm Sandy".

Dear (ugh!) Fox News (not!): When significant numbers of businesses are wiped out of existence due to a disaster... so, too, are the jobs they once supported.*
(*See: Staten Island, New York.)

Oh, wait a minute... Silly me.  That's right!  You've probably never seen Staten Island.
After all, it's not located in mid-town Manhattan.
Like you are. (*sigh)

In the timeless words of Fox's own Homer Simpson, "Doh!!".

From The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell:

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