Saturday, November 17, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Is A Force For Good: Day 1.) Get Sworn In. Day 1.1) Fix The Damn Filibuster!

I stand with Senator-Elect Elizabeth Warren (D) MA.  Do You?

The new Congress' next session begins the first week in January 2013.

Warren has announced that on Day One - once she's been sworn in - her first order of business is to work with her fellow Democratic Senators and Fix-The-Damned-Filibuster which GOP Senators have taken to using - in order to block each and every (Democratic or Republican) bill/nominee/budget - as if they needed to filibuster to breathe.

Please call your Senators and - don't ask 'em - tell them that on Day One you want them to support Senator-Elect Warren and other Democratic Senators in their mission to change the filibuster.  Day One is the only day that the Senate can make changes to the rules it will follow thereafter.  Encourage your Senators to make sure that those obstruction-obsessed GOP Senators can no longer just say they want to filibuster a bill/nominee and "Poof!" it's done.

Let's make sure that - in order to filibuster anything - they have to get off their fat a**es, stand up before the Senate, before the television cameras and before the entire world and remain there as long as they are intent on sabotaging Congress and America.

We all want to see whom, exactly, is doing the filibustering.  We want to shame them, to call them out on their treachery.

And, we want to make sure that they don't get re-elected.

*Do you really want to keep paying the obstructionist Senators a ton of money to - not just sit around and do NOTHING - but to sit around and - with malice aforethought - prevent others from doing urgently needed and widely-influential work?

I Don't.

Thank You.
From The Rachel Maddow Show:

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