Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Romney Disdain For Foreign Policy Risks Bush-Level Disasters

GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt "No Apologies" Romney is not only frightfully ignorant about the most urgent and pressing geopolitical issues facing America presently, but he also lacks the most basic awareness of the geographical locations of specific countries which he repeatedly refers to in his appearances.  More than that... neither Romney nor his campaign have ever acknowledged or offered to correct any of these 'mistakes'.  Nor do they display any negligible interest in not repeating the same ones or preventing new and easily avoidable ones (Hint: Try 'Google Maps').

The repetitiveness and consistency of their carelessness is a huge, flashing neon warning sign to all Americans that Romney and his staff lack the most basic interest in possessing or even developing the skills required to effectively - let alone successfully - carry out the utterly crucial "Commander-In-Chief" role of a President Of The United States Of America.

And, yes, candidate Romney has brought in numerous expert 'advisers' to fall back on.

F.Y.I. ~ Most of the very same 'advisers' were holding identical positions a mere four years ago - as advisers to the former and similarly foreign policy-disdainful President George W. Bush.

Hmm... Surely you all remember how spectacularly their particular brand of "expert advice" to that President turned out...

(*If anyone needs a gentle reminder and/or example: We're now in year 12 of one of the two grueling and multi-billion dollar wars President Bush started solely on the advice of these men.)

Please consider the very real economic and military implications of all of this before you cast your vote for President this year... 

As painful, nauseating and terrifying as that might be.

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