Friday, September 28, 2012

Hardball: McCaskill Fights For Missouri And Her Senate Seat

Knowledge IS Power. Actions Do Speak Louder Than Words.

With these thoughts in mind, I offer the following for your thoughtful consideration:
The Congressional voting record of one Rep. Todd "legitimate rape" Akin (R. MO):
1.) Akin voted *Against* the child nutrition program.
2.) Akin voted *Against* creating a national sex-offender registry.
3.) Akin voted *Against* creating The Center For Missing And Exploited Children.

I mention these facts as evidence that - as Akin's own words have revealed - not only is he unapologetic and militantly-ignorant regarding topics such as: human biology; human reproduction and the definition of (let alone care about/believe in the trauma, violation and devastation of) "rape".  A review of his Congressional voting record indicates he clearly has a congenital callousness regarding high-priority  issues such as the health, well-being and safety of America's children.

F.Y.I.  All of those GOP politicians and groups that were (at the least) calling for him to withdraw from the race or (at the most) hinting about lynching the man... are now back to supporting his attempt to take Senator Claire McCaskill's (D. MO) seat. (Yuck!)

From Hardball With Chris Matthews. Guest: Claire McCaskill (D. MO):

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