Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mike Rowe's (From The Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs") Dirtiest Job, Ever!

Mike Rowe, the congenial host of The Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs", has now performed his absolute Dirtiest Job, ever...

Mike stood on the stage with GOP Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, in Ohio and talked to the working-class audience about the great value of the millions of working-class people across our nation; about providing better job-training/skill-training and about providing desperately-needed job opportunities.

Now, Rowe didn't come out and endorse Romney word-for-word, per-se.

But, Mike did say all the sorts of things that elitist, multimillionaire, "Let Detroit die..." Mitt Romney has repeatedly proven himself to be physically-incapable of saying... Let alone saying in anything resembling a sincere and believable fashion.

Funny thing is... Everything Mike spoke about, President Barack Obama has already spoken of, passionately, countless times.

Like when the President was presenting his Jobs Bills before Congress and asking for their swift approval.

Yet, each and every time, Congressional Republicans ganged up and - intentionally - blocked them from being passed into Law.

*What ever happened to "Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!", Republicans?  Oh? Whaddya mean that you, "... only meant you'd work for more "Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!" if and when Obama was no longer President?...  Gee, What A**holes!)

P.S. ~ The GOP members of Congress also Killed - they did  not delay nor filibuster - but K-I-L-L-E-D (as in It's D-E-A-D) the one recent Veterans' Jobs Bill that was specifically written to assist America's men and women who were returning from war to get jobs once they were home.

Shame on you, Mike Rowe.

And, now, more than ever... Shame on You, Congressional Republicans!

(Video courtesy of "The Ed Show")

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