Sunday, September 02, 2012

Huge Victories Against GOP-Led Voter Suppression In Texas, Florida, Ohio

Did You Know...?
Over this past year, Republican-controlled legislatures of several key/swing states passed sweeping changes to how voting/voting registration is carried out in those states and which would have stripped untold thousands of Americans of their right to vote or to have their vote counted in the 2012 Presidential election.

Pretending to be patriotic, they all claimed said changes were an absolute necessity "to prevent voter fraud" in November.  Sounds noble enough, right?

Only until you learn one simple fact: Actual cases of voter fraud are extremely rare.

Renders their claims unfounded and their sweeping changes utterly unnecessary.  End of story, right?

No. Not if you happen to be a sane, rational and ethical person who looks at which groups of Americans' right to vote this suddenly urgent legislation would take away...

The answer is: Hundreds of thousands of Americans.  And, more specifically: A disproportionate number of whom are African-American.  And, all of whom were historically known to vote Democrat.

Got Actual Voter Fraud?  As I said, "No."  It just doesn't happen.

Got Several Cases Of Electoral Fraud Carried Out By GOP Legislatures/Leaders/Governors?  Hells, yes!

Thankfully, several non-partisan, impartial Federal courts have seen clear through the flag-waving of these Republicans to the utterly unconscionable treachery behind their sweeping changes, slamming their gavels down on the GOP-led incidents of blatant voter suppression in Texas, Florida and Ohio.


*And, still... Remain vigilant, friends.

(From: The Ed Show: Huge Victory Against Voter Suppression)

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