Thursday, November 04, 2010

My Thoughts On The Mid-Term Results (& All Other Cases Where Countless People Voted As If They Were Insane)

Hurray ~ The Mid-Term Elections Are Over!!
(Ugh...) Where the heck are my meds?! :P
(Hey you - Where's that "Happy Face"? That's better. Cheerfully, now.)
"Cheerfully"? ...(Big Sigh.) You've gotta be kiddin' me...
(Come on. Big Smile.) "Big what?" Oh... O.K. Here goes:
D'ya know what I honestly think...
I think that - to a great extent - what we see with the results of the 2010 Mid-Terms and in every previous election where people were conned, yet again, into voting for oil-slick candidates who enjoyed lots of financial backing, but have simply no genuine interest in (nor measurable history of) doing what's right for America and most Americans (the wealthiest among us do not fit into the category of "most Americans")...
Is Exactly What We Deserve.

This is what do-gooders get for all of the incessant - albeit good-intentioned - interfering we do with Good Ol' (Older & Much Wiser) Mother Nature's (It Ain't Broke, So Don't Fix It) "Survival Of The Fittest" Law.

Yes, people... it's a little something called "Evolution".
I hear tell that God came up with it. The concept behind it was that it weeded out those members of each species who - for whatever reason(s) simply lacked the abilities, intelligence and basic common sense that is required to survive - if left to their own devices in the world.  T'wasn't anything personal about it.. It made sense and it worked - for eons - making each species stronger and healthier as a whole.

Then, along comes humanity... and compassionate-minded people... and people terrified of getting sued by idiots who don't seem to comprehend that hot coffee is hot; knife/saw/ax blades are sharp; standing on the top rung of a ladder is unwise; riding on top of the roof of/in the bed of a truck at high speeds is dangerous; messing with wild animals is hazardous to your health; etc.

Going out of our way to Protect stupid, reckless, dangerous people from themselves and each other...
Simply is Not doing humanity any favors.  In doing so, we've gummed up/thrown a monkey wrench/sabotaged the natural means of promoting the survival of our species at its healthiest.

The Results of doing so:
1.) Yeah, sure - We feel better about ourselves. We feel like we're being "Good" People... Like we're doing the "Right Thing". (I used to feel the same way.)
And, on the surface, perhaps we are.

But, in the long run... We are killing ourselves, slowly, very (and aggravatingly) slowly:
2.) We're drowning in an ocean of other (equally) well-meaning people who - sadly - aren't quite bright enough to keep a seat warm (or, at least, to know when they're being bamboozled, flim-flammed & lied to) and who - tragically, for us all  - Vote.
(*Not a judgment. Just an objective and honest observation - albeit, perhaps not explained as well as I'd have liked.)

*On a Much Happier Note*
Hurray ~ Jerry Brown(D) was elected Governor of California (again)!
Governor Brown's opponent - the former head of eBay: Meg Whitman (R) - actually had spent @ $78 Million of her (apparently) endless fortune to both spin the Republican Base & to win the Republican Primary.
Then, Meg dropped another (mind-boggling) $70-80 Million trying to buy herself the Governor's Office.
Er, I mean... Trying to beat Good Ol' Jerry B.
Governor Brown's Sizable Trouncing Of & Victory Over (utilizing a vastly smaller "war chest") Meg's $160+ Millions proves that - at least in my Beloved California - voting Americans aren't as easily duped as in other places and - equally important - The Ones With The Most Money DON'T Always Win.
(Thanks Be.)

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