Tuesday, November 09, 2010

It's Not A Simple Temper Tantrum, It's An Unequivocal Terrorist Threat

It's Not A Temper Tantrum, It's An Unequivocal Terrorist Threat:

"If Ballots Don't Work... Bullets Will."

Without exception, this is an utterly shocking statement.

No, wait. It's more than that. It's a direct threat of gun violence.

But, don't delude yourself that, surely, it was said by some long-dead outlaw from back in the "Wild West".

It isn't.

This direct and publicly-made threat of violence was spoken by a woman named Joyce Kaufman.  Who is she?  She's the Chief of Staff of newly-elected Congressman Allan West of Florida's 22nd Congressional District.

Specifically, Ms. Kaufman (a "conservative radio personality" in FL.) made this overt threat at a July 4th speaking engagement in Florida.

Gives New Meaning to the term "Sore Loser", doesn't it?

With supporters like Ms. Kaufman (now going to D.C.), I guess we should consider ourselves Lucky that Mr. West didn't lose the election...


Sound familiar? It should.

Why? Because Ms. Sharron Angle, the Republican Congressional candidate from Nevada, had made a very similar statement earlier this year. She said something (also at a public speaking engagement) about utilizing "... our Second Amendment remedies" if she and her supporters didn't achieve their goals through America's traditional, 200+ year old, Constitutional & Democratic means.

Considering the fact that Ms. Angle lost the election to Harry Reid,  I kinda hope that someone is keeping tabs on her activities and those of her more looney-tunes supporters.

Dear Law Enforcement Officials/State Department/Justice Department/Homeland Security:  Umm... I'm pretty sure that ol' Gitmo is still open - and has vacancies...

Here's a brief clip - with more of Ms. Kaufman's threats on video - from TRMS:

Enjoy! (I cringed.)


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