Friday, November 12, 2010

Dog vs Alligator... Good News From Florida!

Good News From Florida!
(Yes, I know ~ Believe it or Not.)

Dateline: Tampa, FL ~
The owner of an adorable Jack Russell terrier, named Lizbeth, is one of my Heroes.
If only for today - for One Heroic Act:

Lizbeth and her owner were walking by the river when an alligator lunged at the dog, grabbed her in its jaws and dragged her into the murky water.

The desperate owner then actually fired a hand-gun at the gator. When it let Lizbeth go, the owner pulled her unresponsive form from the water.

Not one to let the prehistoric reptilian remnant win, he performed CPR on Lizbeth and held her upside-down - attempting to drain water from her lungs.

Said "Good News"? Lizbeth then began to breathe on her own and is at the vet's.

The gator? Snared by a professional and taken far away from people and their dogs.



Check it out:

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