Wednesday, November 24, 2010

American Media's Glaring Omission: What Do ICTS Int'l, the X-mas Day & Shoe Bombers & Israel Have In Common?

I'm presently recovering from a mild case of shock.

Well, actually, it's a significant case of shock.

The cause:  A Bombshell of a News Story that I only stumbled across tonight. And, I do mean "stumbled". Stumbling is the only way anyone in the U.S. is going to find it. I'd have never found it in any of the usual places one depends for news. I only found  it after following leads left when it was cited by third-parties.

*The Original Article: Israeli firm blasted for letting would-be plane bomber slip through is at

Hello? America's News Outlets? "Stop The Presses!"

For some reason - albeit, an inconceivable one - virtually all of America's Network TV and Print News Media Outlets have been blatantly ignoring what might be the Biggest News Story in Years.

Exemplary journalists do still exist - somewhere. Several actually did some serious digging into some recently-foiled airline bomber incidents.  And, what these individuals uncovered is shocking, to say the least.

They confirmed that there are several definitive, strange and repeated connections between:
A.) Each of the aforementioned failed bombers (ie - The "X-mas"/"Underwear" bomber; Richard "Shoe-Bomber" Reid, etc.).
B.) ICTS International (an airport security firm and the developer of APS ("Advanced Passenger Screening"), which is the logarithm-based process used in airports across the U.S.A. (APS was rejected by the Israeli authorities)
ICTS International is also the airport security firm that - on multiple occasions and despite multiple red-flags - inexplicably allowed the would-be-bombers (incompetent as they were, too... thankfully.) pass through their own multi-layered security measures - unhindered - and onward to board airplanes.
And, C.) Israel.

Breaking nearly a year ago, this bombshell news story has actually been widely-reported across the globe - including Israel & Europe.  But, there was just one incredibly Glaring Exception/Geographical News Blackout: The U.S.A.
Which happens to be exactly where those very same airport security/screening firms (the ones who've repeatedly displayed an inexcusable level of incompetence) are raking in enormous profits.

Huge profits being made - one could say - as a direct result of not only the evil intentions of the incompetent bombers - but, also as a result of the repeated failures of those very same airport security firms to provide adequate and effective airport security and prevent the men from ever setting foot on the planes.

Oh, and we must'nt forget the TSA's early gift to airline travelers.  Those new TSA regulations requiring that all airline passengers either submit to being intimately-groped by latex-gloved strangers OR to being publicly-humiliated whilst being irradiated.

At least you have a Choice, right?
Door Number 1: Enduring a pervy pat-down. ~ Or ~ Door Number 2: A Fancy full-frontal/rear body x-ray/scan.

Psst ~ Did I mention that those same airport security firms also build and sell us their expensive x-ray scanners?

Hmmm... I smell a rat.  And, this rat doesn't have anything explosive anywhere on his person.

*Please see The Story & Share It. (It's a genuine news outlet. Not a tabloid.)
This story is important on its own merit. And also because - despite dropping a bomb and despite being beyond news-worthy -  it's un-reported... not by the whole World... just by all of the national/local/TV/internet/cable News sources and journalists that Americans rely upon for important information.

Personally, I think that - basically - they can't All be this incompetent - at least not simultaneously.
So, what the heck is going on?


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