Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Obama Meets With GOP Leadership. Results: Twilight Zone-y. Same Meeting/Different Planets (Sigh.)

In A Continuation Of Their Shamefully Juvenile, Disrespectful & Inexcusable Behavior (on the bright side: at least they're consistent), Leading Congressional Republicans Rudely Rejected The White House's 1st Invitation To Meet With President Obama Following The Mid-Term Elections. The full-of-themselves flakes made weak references to "having other plans", or being "simply too busy"... to accept the invitation and meet with The President Of The United States Of America.
Heck, if they're that shameless, why not make it a bit more interesting and say something like...
"So sorry, Mr. President.  Unfortunately we've all already scheduled appointments to wash each other's cats on that day."?

Following Tuesday's (unfortunately closed door) 1st Meeting Between President Obama And Congressional GOP Leaders - In This, The Twilight Of The 111th Congress - Strangely Contradictory Comments About What Actually Transpired During The Meeting - Made By The Attendees, Themselves - (Quite Understandably) Resulted In Something Of A Flashback On TRMS To One Particular Episode Of Rod Serling's"The Twilight Zone" TV Series.

The Episode's Title?  "To Serve Man".
(As in, "To Serve Man... With A Nice Chianti.".)

* Here's the link to the related clip of Tuesday's "The Rachel Maddow Show":
Obama Meets With GOP Leadership

It's a remarkably accurate analogy. As well as a somewhat aggravating one.

Why?  Because despite the fact that they all attended the same meeting. And, despite the fact that they all speak the same language... Somehow, President Obama's accounting of the meeting and the GOP leaders' accounting of the meeting... completely contradict each other
(Pardon me whilst I slowly and repeatedly bang my head against the wall.)

Perhaps I'll try something much more constructive/much less self-destructive...

An Open Letter To The President Of The United States Of America:

Dear President Obama:
I agree with you, completely. Cooperation Is Most-Definitely Preferable To Contentiousness.
But, with that said, Please Remember This Very Timely Definition: "Insanity... Is Doing The Same Thing Over & Over And Expecting Different Results."

Simply put, Mr. President: The "Party Of 'No'" Has It Out For You. They've Said So On Numerous Occasions...
Publically And On The Record. Comprende?  Period.  Paragraph.  The End.

If I May Offer Some Advice...
If - At Any Point - Over The Next Two Years There Comes A Time When Any Of The Proponents Of The Grand Old Party Approaches You Wearing A Cheshire Grin And Extending Their Hand...
In all honesty,  I would tell you to slam the nearest door on their hand and on the Trojan traitor it belongs to. (Sigh.)
But, barring that option (and, besides, why should you lower yourself to their level?)...
Whatever You Do... Don't Count On That Hand To Be Holding Or To Present You With An Olive Branch.

Mr. President, Please Stop Trying To Placate Them. They've Only Been Trying To Play You.
Please Cease All Consideration Of Making Concessions Or Trying To Bargain/Reason With Them.
They Don't Deserve It. They Don't Deserve Anything For Being The Epitome Of "Unreasonable".

Set all past, present and/or future pretense made by any of them of being "moderate" or an "ally" aside.
Surely, you would agree that, over the previous 18 months, they've proven (and proven repeatedly) that they aren't the least bit interested in participating in anything that can even remotely be perceived as "Bipartisan".

The GOP Leadership Wants/Seeks One Thing And One Thing Alone: To Destroy Your Presidency.

Their Actions Prove What We've Known To Be True: That The Short & Long-Term Goals Of The Republican Party Are Their One And Only Priority.

If Not, Then Passing Legislation - Like The Bill That Would Have Extended Unemployment Benefits Which Are Necessary To Put Food On The Tables And Keep A Roof Over The Heads Of Millions Of Americans ... A Bill Which The GOP Members Of Congress Didn't Hesitate To Kill - Or Doing Anything In The Best Interest Of America and The Majority of Americans... Would Be Apparent On Their "To Do List"... And Be Proven By Their Actions Toward That End.

Anything that the GOP leadership thinks might be perceived as being a Success of your Presidency is something to be targeted. Something they will do anything to impede/weaken/destroy. Up to and including legislation which was originally created, submitted and/or supported by their fellow Republicans.

The GOP has shown their True Colors. And, as  it stands, the "Right" couldn't be more Wrong.

Mr. President: Please Trust and Know That The Majority Of Americans Are Behind You.
That the Majority Of Americans Support Allowing The Bush Tax Cuts For Billionaires & Multi-Millionaires To Expire.

It's Time For You To Get On The Offensive.

Simply Stand Before the American People And Tell Them The Truth.

All it takes to Destroy The GOP Leadership's Web Of Self- and Special Interest-Serving Lies Is The Truth/The Facts.

Please Don't Cave, Mr. President.
You Don't Have To.
We Don't Want You To.
~ Whew!  I needed that!  Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. L.~

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