Wednesday, December 08, 2010

President Obama Lashes The Left - And It Just Ain't Right. (Perhaps he's feverish? Or possessed?)


I feel sad, sickened and a bit like I've been sucker-punched.

I'm nearly overcome with disbelief and disappointment in President Obama right now.
Sure, I still admire, respect and even Love the man - but, gawd, if he hasn't broken my heart.

Ask anyone and they'll confirm that I'm an avid supporter and practitioner of artful cooperation, peaceful negotiation, balanced give-and-take, etc.

Anyone who knows me can confirm that I've had a life-long aversion to heated conflict - whether verbal or physical.

With that said...
If there's one thing the Midterm Election results clearly proved (other than the existence of a remarkable number of uneducated people who vote), it was this:

If you have declared yourself a "Progressive"/"Liberal"/"Democrat"; you have been elected to public office and you want to stay in that office ~ Well then, it's certainly in your best interest to prove that it's True - consistently - by taking definitive progressive actions (R.I.P. "Blue Dog Dems").

Which is why I am heartbroken and utterly at a loss as as far as understanding why President Obama - in private meetings with GOP leaders - disregarded the statements made by the Dems in Congress (who are still the majority); those made by progressive media and even those made by us - his fellow Progressive Americans...

Statements made by Senate Democrats about (finally!) drawing a line in the sand and standing their ground... About holding True to their convictions...  About forcing the Republicans reveal how wrong they really are to the entire country... About not repeating the same behavior over and over and expecting a different result... About not caving in to the GOP's ridiculous demands and public threats of (legislative) extortion... About recognizing/acknowledging/accepting the words that have been spewed by the GOP leadership publicly and shamelessly regarding the GOP's:
A.) Having Zero Interest In Compromise (Well, Duh!) and
B.) Their 2-Yr. Plan/Goal  (as proven by their actions - blocking every piece of legislation; Doing/saying any/everything they can to discredit the President - over the last 18 mos.) of trying to prevent him from being re-elected.

Despite All Of This... Despite The GOP's Ongoing, Blatant Disrespect Of Both President Obama, Himself, and the office which he holds... Despite The Fact That He Didn't Have To Do It (not right away, anyway)... and Despite All of Us Expressing That We Didn't Want Him To Do It...

Despite Everything... President Obama caved to the GOP's s X-mas List Item of Continuing the Bush Tax Cuts For The Uber-Wealthiest 2% of Americans for 2 more years.

As if that weren't bad enough... after he caved, the President called for an unscheduled press conference...

A press conference in which President Obama stepped up to the podium and immediately  launched into an assertive remarks regarding the potential for future "fighting" with Congressional leaders and how he was "itching for a fight".


Uh, o.k..  If you say so, sir.  Ah... "Itching for a fight", you say?

With all due respect, Mr. President, but wasn't that you, who only a short while ago; while meeting behind closed doors with GOP leaders and without anyone landing a finger - let alone a punch on you...

Wasn't that you who carefully lay down on the mat and then feigned unconsciousness... Thereby throwing what had become a truly significant, important and worthwhile fight?

(Big Sigh!)

Here's the clip of the press conference and President Obama's continuing (and utterly excruciating to watch) attempts to appease "The Party Of 'No'" from TRMS:

(Understandably, I won't be saying "Enjoy!" on this one.)

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