Saturday, December 04, 2010

House Democrats Approve Extension Of Unemployment Benefits Despite 168 GOP Members "No!" Vote.

On Friday, the House of Representatives successfully passed a motion to extend unemployment benefits for millions of unemployed Americans.

Most noteworthy is the outcome of the voting: 231 House Democrats voted In Favor of the extension (and 20 Dems - who should definitely be voted out of office ASAP - voted Against it.).

As for House Republicans, a stunning 168 members of the party devoted to extending tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%, voted Against the extension.

Remarkably, there are signs that some semblance of human compassion still exists in the GOP... At least in a grand total of three Republican members who actually voted in Favor of the extension. (*I Salute You Three, Whoever You Are.).

Now, the measure moves on to the Senate for a vote.

The last time the Senate voted on the extension, the Senate's Republican members said what they pretty much always have said - at least since 2006 - namely, "No!".

It has become excruciatingly obvious that every last one of those heartless and callous GOP Senators is in acute need of the experience of being unemployed and cut off, too.

Here' a brief clip on the story from MSNBC's Countdown.

House Dems Approve Unemployment Benefits Extension For Millions

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