Friday, December 03, 2010

WikiLeaks Gold: Afghanistan's Vice President Massoud Strolls Into UAE With $52 Million US CASH w/ No Explanation & KEEPS IT!

In all honesty, I felt rather annoyed - at least initially - when I heard about the most recent WikiLeaks document dump of thousands of U.S. State Department communications and many candid - yet far from complimentary (let alone "diplomatic") - descriptions of various world leaders - ones meant to remain confidential...

Annoyed, that is, Until... I heard the WikiLeak about this one incident:

Afghanistan's Vice President, Ahmed Zia Massoud, got nabbed as he was trying to enter the United Arab Emirates from Afghanistan...

I don't know how much luggage he had brought with him - if any - but, what I do know (thanks to this last WikiLeaks event) is that the man was carrying $52 MILLION U.S. DOLLARS IN CASH.

$52 Million U.S. Dollars in Cash the source or origin of which the VP couldn't or wouldn't reveal...

Nor could/would the VP explain where he was taking it (The tax shelter of Dubai, perhaps?).

* By the way -$52 Mill. CASH weighs over 1100lbs.

This Vice President of Afghanistan - which is one of the poorest countries in the world and one which the U.S. has been pouring $$Billions of Dollars into to re-build and restore - WAS ALLOWED TO KEEP IT!(?)

P.S. ~ Mr. Massoud now denies taking any money out of Afghanistan... Go Figure!

Check Out The Details in this brief clip from TRMS and from an article appearing in RAWA (the "Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan"):

TRMS Corruption In Afghanistan


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