Friday, December 03, 2010

Senate Republicans Sink To Extortion: Threaten To Filibuster All Unless Dems Extend Bush Tax Cuts For Top 2%. *Ha Ha.Very Funny.

*News Flash* (At least it was according to Fox, etc.):

Senate Republicans - All 42 Of Them - Got In A Huddle On Thursday And Sent An Extortion Letter To Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid And All Senate Democrats.

The Letter Contained An Ominous Sounding Threat (At least according to fox, etc.):
If The Democrats Don't Vote For The GOP's #2 Pet Project: Extending G.W. Bush's 10-Yr. Tax Cuts For The Wealthiest 2% Of Americans, Then All 42 Signatories Would Blockade Any And All Legislation Which Comes Up For A Vote By Filibustering It!
(Cue the ominous music.)

(Gasp!)  Holy Crap, Batman!  What Ever Will The Senate Democrats Do?

Hmm... Probably Laugh... And Quite Hysterically, At That.

Here's a NEWS FLASH For All Of You 42 Republican('t) Senators:

You A**holes Have Been Filibustering Like It Was How You Drew Your Life's Breath.

Or, As If You Have Developed A Chronic And Acutely Severe Case Of Some Kind Of "Filibuster Tourette's Syndrome".

Every Damn Piece Of Legislation To Come Up For Vote In The Senate Since 2007 - When The Republican('t)s Became The Minority Party - Has Been Filibustered By Them - Regardless Of Who's Party Was Behind It Or Was Initially Behind It.

The Senate's Republicans Have Filibustered: Democratic Legislation, Republican('t) Legislation, The Health Care Bill, Wall Street Reform (Which They Now Want To Weaken/Revoke), Saving The American Auto Industry (Saved & Now Profitable, Thank You Very Much), Etc., Etc., Etc.... Ad Nauseum.

Oh... And One Last Thing:
We Will Not Forget That You Republican('t)s In Congress Have Been Intentionally Impersonating A Massive Monkey Wrench (Whilst Being Obscenely Overpaid To Do It) Within America's Legislative Branch Of Government - For At Least Three Years (and counting) Come Election Time! :P

Oh.... What Happened?
Well, The Good News Is This: The Senate Democrats called the Senate Republican('t)s on their moronic bluff.

Here's a Great Clip from TRMS with a bit more of the details... Enjoy! (I certainly did.)
Democrats Call The GOP's Bluff

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