Sunday, November 08, 2015

A Conservative State - Utah - Solved Chronic Homelessness And Saved Millions!

Hey, California Governor Jerry Brown!!!


"“If you want to end homelessness, you put people in housing,” Walker said in an interview. “This is relatively simple.”"

"... what has been perhaps the nation’s most successful — and radical — program to end chronic homelessness.

Now, more than a decade later, chronic homelessness in one of the nation’s most conservative states may soon end.  And all of it is thanks to a program that at first seems stripped from the bleeding-heart manual.

In 2005, Utah had nearly 1,932 chronically homeless.  
By 2014, that number had dropped 72 percent to 539. Today, explained Gordon Walker, the director of the state Housing and Community Development Division, the state is “approaching a functional zero.”

Here's the link to the New York Post Article: Enjoy!

The Surprisingly Simple Way Utah Solved Chronic Homelessness And Saved Millions Of Dollars

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