Monday, November 16, 2015

Africa: What Lies Behind Different Reactions to Paris and Beirut Attacks? And, Baghdad?

                                          ISIS struck Beirut, then Baghdad, then Paris.

Many are asking, "Why Paris - Again?!".

"France is also a country with a strong anti-immigration political rhetoric that actively discriminates against those who are different. The most renowned case was the controversy surrounding the hijab.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for these attacks.

World leaders have pledged support, solidarity and condemnation of terrorism. In the next few weeks we may even see a resurgence of rhetoric calling for more resources to fight this (abject failure known as the) War on Terror (which has only succeeded in producing more terrorists!).

There is also the inherent risk that Islamophobia may take deeper root - not just in France but in Europe as a whole.

Yet as the world consumed the messages of support, sentiments of outrage and condemnation of violence, some also asked:

'Why such a strong show of support for Paris but, not the same for Beirut?'

The answer, seemingly, was that it is because Arab lives matter less than those of Europeans."

Contrary to what President Hollande declared, these were not 'acts of war'.

These were Acts Of Terrorism committed by individual people compelled by - what? Desperation... marginalisation and... what else?

Perhaps it's rage at the West for doing whatever it wants to do, to whomever it wants to do it, whenever it wants (*and 'damn the torpedoes!')?:

"Oops!  Our bad!  (sheepish grin)  Sorry for bombing the hell out of your beloved homeland and - in doing so - for blowing up your families, homes and businesses - all in the name of some non-existent WMDs!  Wow!  Are our faces red?!  Ttyl!  Oh, and good luck with Al Qaeda!"

Perhaps we should start to try to figure that out?"

Africa: What Lies Behind Different Reactions to Paris and Beirut Attacks -

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