Saturday, November 07, 2015

Did You Know?: There's So Much More To The Works Of Gustav Klimt Than "The Kiss" ...

I just discovered that there's so much more to the works of Gustav Klimt than The Kiss ...
For example, these three masterpieces - Philosophy, Jurisprudence and Medicine - Klimt was commissioned by the state to paint for a ceiling at the University Of Vienna.*

(*Sorry... I meant to say, "these three photographs of the three masterpieces he was commissioned to by the state to paint for a ceiling of the University Of Vienna.".)

Sadly, they were never actually displayed there.*

(*F#@&, censorship!)

Actually, there's an interesting story behind these photos.  Please allow me to share it with you...

PhilosophyJurisprudence and Medicine
(Please click on the image to enlarge. Thank you.)


"The Klimt University of Vienna Ceiling Paintings, also known as The Faculty Paintings, were a series of paintings made by Gustav Klimt for the ceiling of the University of Vienna's Great Hall between the years of 1900-1907. In 1894, Klimt was commissioned to paint the ceiling. Upon presenting his paintings, Philosophy, Medicine and Jurisprudence, Klimt came under attack for 'pornography' and 'perverted excess' in the paintings." (A common criticism of Klimt's work) The issue eventually reached the Parliament of Austria. Sadly, due to the numerous attacks from his critics - including many of the faculty - none of Klimt's three paintings were ever put on display in the university. Eventually, Klimt resigned his commission, returned the state's payment and reclaimed his paintings. Never again would he accept commissions from the state. Klimt gifted Philosophy to one of his major patrons (a friend and fellow painter.). The other two works were sold. In the late 1930's, Austria was invaded and occupied by the Nazis and all three paintings were seized by the Germans. In 1943, following a final exhibition, the paintings were moved to Schloss Immendorf castle - for protection. Tragically, two years later - in a vile and desperate act - the paintings were destroyed as retreating German SS forces set fire to the castle to prevent the structure from falling into enemy hands...* (*F#@& Nazis! Castles can be rebuilt! Those arschlöcher could've moved the works of art!)

"All that remains now are preparatory sketches and a few photographs..." (hence, the three photos, above.)

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