Friday, November 20, 2015

Viktor Schauberger
 was a pioneer in the quantum physical study of Nature's subtle energies who developed powerful machines based on implosion- and vortex-technology.

These two forms of energy are able to be developed/produced in harmony with Nature and are nurturing and non-destructive to it.

Unfortunately, the 'modern' world decided to run with a form of energy which is the exact opposite.

Those early 'robber-barons' chose to go with 
explosion-technology.  And, as we all know, explosive forces are utterly destructive to Nature.

The following are quotes from two unique websites that are keeping Viktor Schauberger's Vision, Works and Legacy alive with their respective links.

I hope you will take a few moments to look at them and learn more about this incredible, compassionate and brilliant man... and, please, share what you learn with others:

"Viktor had given his life for water, the forests, the soil and for Nature's wholeness and order.  Academically untrained his writings and testimonials confirm his breadth of learning and his reseach reflects his extensive knowledge of physics, chemistry and hydrology. He was once asked to explain his authority and knowledge, he replied that no one had taught him but he had the advantage of inheritance which he defined further: "Everything is corpuscular, even energy and light waves. Even matter is inert energy. This also applies to blood, which is a materialised power flow that carries energy from past generations through present to future generations. This flow is not broken with the person's death, but is carried further to his successors. However, this energy can be degenerated, for example, by negative technology, so that the thoughts and outlook which have accumulated within a person's being over thousands of years, is lost. It is possible for the person who has the advantage of this gift of inheritance to summon up from his blood all this reservoir of knowledge." 
(From: Viktor Schauberger: Water Ways Of Life)

"Schauberger argued that when the natural ecosystems are in balance and biodiversity rules, there is great creativity and evolution of higher and more complex life forms, but there is also order and stability. When humans walked lightly on the Earth, we cooperated with Nature. Although still part of Nature, we now behave as though we are above it, dominating and abusing it. Viktor warned eighty years ago that if we continued to go against Nature, the Earth’s ecosystems would become sick, the climate destructive and human society would break down, with extreme violence, greed and pandemic illnesses."
(From: Schauberger's Legacy)

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